Any chance of swapping choice after selection ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SneakyTeen, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. I passed selection a couple of weeks ago with a run time of 10:17, my 1st choice was junior entry infantry - the mercian regiment. However ive been thinking about trying to change my choice to the parachute regiment instead, just wondering what the chances might be of me getting the go ahead to change regiment, bearing in mind i dont even start AFC for 6 months.

  2. I can't imagine that the ACIO/ AFCO will have any problem with you swapping sides, to be honest.

    When I was at Harrogate, admittedly a fairly long time ago, you didn't actually make your final job choice until fairly far through the year. I would imagine it is the same now.

    Purely out of interest, why do you want to change capbadges?
  3. i might be wroung but wasnt you wanting to go paras before ?
  4. Just because I dont know if i want to be permanently based in germany or not and i would be joining 3rd battalion, who are moving to falingbostel in august. Also according to their page on the army website 3 mercian seem to take a benchwarmer role (i.e not many deployments or overseas training) this is probably not the reality though just my false interpretation and ill probably stick with the mercians but i was just wondering if they would let me change regiment/corps if i had a change of heart.

    Thanks for the reply lofty :)
  5. And yes i was going to try for paras before but my mercian recruiter seemed to have worked his magic :oops:

    edit: And im not to confident about joining the paras after seeing how much training other recruits wer doing compared to me
  6. Give your phase one a go first with your chosen cap badge, after you do your halfway rftyou will have a decent idea of where you are with your fitness, if your just scraping by with the runtime of 9.18, (if im wrong with that time then i stand corrected) then i wouldnt bother but if you are meeting the fitness levels required then you can indeed write a letter to the CO and the process can be started, its not as simple as just transfering over though, theres usually lots of interviews
  7. does anyone here know how long into my military career from the day i start training how long i would have to wait to change from the royal armoured corps to the infantry do i have to serve all of my first 4 years in the RAC or could i switch sooner
  8. Why do you want to change?? And it wouldn't be easy to change during training as you would have to move from wherever RAC do training (Pirbright perhaps???) to ITC Catterick
  9. Its Ok, just realised you have answered me on another thread!