Any chance of RAMC qualifications transferring to NHS any time this century.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by COMBATCAV, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. My husband is a TA CMT 1 (19 years experience). He has done 3 tours including running the Med Centre at Ledra. He also works for the NHS as a Theatre Auxilliary Nurse. He is frustrated that his Army Quals are not recognised by the NHS nor can he get transferable credits on his quals for use on medical further education courses (as per every other branch of the Army). His civvi employers are well aware of his Army quals and capabilities and continually use him as an unqualified (and unpaid) theatre nurse.

    Has anyone heard of any plans to recognise Army medical quals in civvi street?

    You'd think the Army would be arguing for this as they'd want the big wide world to be aware of their first class training!
  2. Not sure about the legalities of using him as an unqual/unpaid theatre nurse.

    I have it on good authority that CMT 1 is now recognised by some (at least) ambulance services.

    As per every other branch of the Army? Don't play the victim, there are enough branches of the Armed Forces who similarly do not get credit for their skills.
  3. No victims here pal.

    One or two Ambulance Associations in England (London and Merseyside I think) recognise qualifications but not in Scotland.

    We're all aware of the legalities, that doesn't stop it happening, especially if you have to get on with your bosses and they already know your skills and would regard it as petty if you refused.

    In his Army career he has dealt with traumatic amputation, severe head injury, acid burns, compound fractures, heart attacks, strokes, attempted suicide, RTAs, he's even delivered 2 babies. The Army says he's qualified to do that. They also say he's qualified to intubate patients, insert cannula, give injections, order, store and prescribe certain medicines and give basic medical advice. The NHS says he's qualified to clean up after the so called professionals. On numerous occassions he's had to step in and stop "qualified" nurses from practices dangerous to the health and safety of the patient.

    We've just been watching Cpl Isobel Henderson RAMC being honoured on TV by the Government for her work in Afghanistan, like many other CMTs recently. What happens to her when she gets out, cause the NHS says she's a nothing and has no qualifications!

    Anyway you miss the point. I'm a Siggie and practically all my courses can be transferred to SVQ/NVQ modules which can then be used for further education, as can REME, Engineers, RLC Drivers, Chefs, Store personnel, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Qualified to intubate? Interesting as only Mil SRP are qualified to intubate and that may be being removed from there scope of practise.
  5. I'm currentl working with an ex Mil SRP and he doesn't know the daily ******* maximum dose of Paracetamol or 'brufen..........Shocker

    I once worked with a CMT who used to count the pulse up to 15 seconds then x by three.....

    Not a positive contribution to the thread but gen dits
  6. In that case you'll know that not all of your courses can be transferred... in fact very few. How do I know this? Because I used to help my sprogs out to do their NVQ etc. You know yourself that the 'recognitioon' can be quite broad brushed and basic.

    If he is that good, get him to do the training for ambulance, it sounds like he'll p1ss it. This is what CMTs have been doing for years when they have felt the cold embrace of civvie strasse grip them in its boa like death grip

    If it makes you feel any better I am an RMA, a Patrol medic and I used to regularly inject people and was even capable of putting drips in... currently my only medical quals are First Aid at Work and FAAW instructor. And I can;t drip people up or inject people with either :D In fact apparently Tourniquets are out too.

    The armed forces work hard to transfer skills and obtain civvie recognition in many areas of its work... why would you think they would just rev off the RAMC? Or perhaps, maybe, just a rumination you should be balloting the NHS to recognise the skills your husband has.

    Also bear in mind that a CMT doesn't fit completely in to a EMT role, altohough o be sure in some places it more than overfills the role.

    Not too many EMTs run med centres for example, so his experience in this field is sadly not really relevant.
  7. They seem to recognise the ODP qualification that I gained through the RAMC.

    What has Izzies MBE got to do with getting a job in the NHS? What makes you think that someone with several years in the Army ahead of her isnt going to get some courses under her belt or even retrade? She may not even want to go down that route when she gets out.

    The Army dont train you for life outside, they train you to do a role within the army, it just so happens that some trades result in an actual civilian qualification.

    I take it that your husband is a HCA working in theatres, there is an extended scrub role for HCAs, so it actually wouldnt usually attract extra pay to that hed already be getting as a HCA, unless hes doing that for free too.
  8. interesting that you say he is being used as an unpaid theatre nurse....may i suggest that he does some nurse training then he can get nurses pay. or if he likes the theatre environment then he can do some ODP training. Im a qualified ODP of nearly 30 years experience, i can intubate, cannulate......and everything-ate...but they wont let me in the ambulances to do a paramedics job...... and as a shot in the dark guess i am presuming its because i am not a trained paramedic......if i want to do the job i will do the course......simples!!
  9. OP - Grow up, bite the bullit and fill out his UCAS form for RNRMNRNLDRSCDODPSLTOT or whatever job you want him to have.
    He is not undervalued in theatre (army, on deployment, that is) or in his civvy role.
    They are different.
    When you say "ran med centre in Ledra " do you really mean "ran medical centre Ledra"?
    There were no CRABS around?
    It was just him?
    Not even one lowly nurse or doctor around, just him, running the show, by himself?
    Was he, really?
    If so, why did go home to such a change of pace?
    Why not sign up for the rest of his working career?
    Why be a HCA when the TA can make you a Med Centre "manager" (in a sunny location)?
    The NHS does recognise the clinical qualifications that he holds, he can call out a patients name, move a patient from one point to another, open swabs and (hopefully) count to five.

    There's no easy way to the sort of salary you probably earn in the NHS, you should know.
    Start at the bottom and F***your way down just like the rest of us.

    Peace and love
  10. you don't need to be an RN or ODP to circulate and in certain cases AIUI some trusts have HCA Scrubbers

    now ODPs are registered with the hPC there isn't even the need to have an RN circulator for 'key holding' ( i.e. accountability for drugs) purposes as the ODP can be the 'keyholder' for the theatre.
    acknowledged but not recognised... i.e. they will look favourably on an applicant with a CMT background, but equally there are services who look favourably on other backgrounds for their applicants.

    1. the CMT qualification is designed for a supervised model of practice which does not exist in the UK civvie world

    2. some of the things that CMTs do in war fighting settings are illegal in civvie st. ( supply, possess , adminster Parenteral PoMs for instance)
  11. STAB CMT class 1 training is about 10 mins weeks long isnt it?
  12. mph1977 sums it up well. I now work for the ambulance service but in a fairly unconvential role. I am RGN having rebadged in the mob and gone through the wringer with it at Haslar, prior to that I was a Patrol Medic with an expected skill set and drugs that in retrospective contemplation make my toes curl ! The issue is that the military role dosnt cross deck well to civvy street. Exceptions would be ODP's and Nursey types. I considered myself to have a bucket load of experience when I joined the Ambos, but still had to go through a 6 month course and a further 6 months probation before being allowed out on the road as lead of a crew or on a car. Effectively I do a paramedic job on a Nursey registration, skill sets the same PDG drugs effectively the same but accountable to the NMC not the HPC.

    I would of asked the same before I joined the service but its a remarkably different environement. Yes we do deal with a bit of trauma and gore which, is never mundane but is all pretty much an easy referral to my old role. The medical stuff is the clincher (and the social/mental issues we deal with) I (dare I say we) dont deal with it to the level that it occurs in civ div.

    Bottom line is military background certainly helped in the interview/selection process , experience is occaisonally relevant but its a whole new world and 2 years in everday is still a school day ! That said I love it and never forget my roots

    Point is what are you expecting him to equate to ?
    CMT does that = Paramedic, Ambulance Technician or ECA ?
  13. Yes qualified. He was taught it on his CMT Class 1, 10 years ago. You'd be hard pressed to find a SRP in the TA unless they were already one before joining. The nature of the TA beast is we all have civvi jobs and our employers wouldn't take to kindly to being asked for a few months off to do a SRP course. Who do you think does these things in the TA if we have no SRP's?
  14. 3. Ooooh someone's having a rant!

    He was Pactice Manager with 1 MO supervising him and 3 CMT's supporting (Class 2 and below).

    Have you ever been to Ledra Palace, it's a dump. Why anyone would want to be there for more than 6 months is beyond me and the sun doesn't always shine in the winter.

    Oh and by the way in his civvi job he earns much the same as a Private Soldier and not even the top of the scale. Where you lot get the idea well all earn mega bucks in civvi street I do not know, probably cause you don't take the time to look it up before making your uneducated statements. (PS I earn less than a Private Soldier and I'm more or less a civil servant)
  15. Yes qualified. He was taught it on his CMT Class 1, 10 years ago. You'd be hard pressed to find a SRP in the TA unless they were already one before joining. The nature of the TA beast is we all have civvi jobs and our employers wouldn't take to kindly to being asked for a few months off to do a SRP course. Who do you think does these things in the TA if we have no SRP's?