Any chance of a new board?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Gook, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Any chance of a new board in the boards by arm/service slot?

    Theres nothing about the RN there, I know this the ARMY rumours service but RAF (and fleet air arm I suppose) can use aviation and RM (and RAF regt unless theyre laughed out :) can use infantry, we got a board for foreigners even but nothing for ships and subs!

    So a new board for the boys in (dark) blue, how about it?

    Gook out
  2. so, what your tring to say is that you want to hang out with Navy boys then?
  3. ha not exactly, well I'm applied to join them so thought I'd better know what I'm getting into!
  4. Are you a giver or a taker?
  5. Do you push back or stand still?
  6. where you talking to me?

    oh..... I'm a taker (according to Mrs Jesus anyway)...dont knock it untill you've tried it...(and use lube too)
  7. Gook ref your idea the CO's at one point were maybelooking into starting another site for they (shit) Navyshitestabber types, and one for the (spit) crabs.

    But dont know what become of it.
  8. I was actually talking to the sailor, but hey… whatever floats your boat (get it !!!) :D
  9. Come on CO's! Gizza a matelot board. Do you need a navy mod? I'll volunteer for it!
  10. You are truely wise Mr Goku...I'll make you a 'Saint' during my Naafi break (Of what? You may choose)
  11. now why would ARRSE need a gaybar?
  12. lol.....that'd be a fcking great name for it though!
  13. To make the para's feel more at home :D
  14. there could be a mortar-platoon chat room too!
  15. Could I be “Saint Goku of big breasted women” ?