Any chance of a Fishing Forum please MODs???

Would ARRSE benefit from a dedicated Fishing Forum?

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Good Day MOD's,

As the title thread suggests, is there any chance of a dedicated Piscatorial forum?

Angling in the UK is often quoted as the highest participant sport and there are estimated to be in excess of 3 million anglers in the UK!

I reckon Angling (Sea/coarse and game) would generate a fair amount of interest with members sharing their experiences of venues and tackle etc

Possibly even some ARRSE charity matches?

Also each service has its own teams so ARRSE could be used to publicise matches and events.

Just a thought, please feel free to shoot me down in flames!

Yes, with hindsight that is probably a good idea!

Can any friendly MOD's move this rather than me reposting?

Sorry I missed this earlier thread, I like a bit of coarse fishing down here on the South Coast and I'm sure there must be some others around here, a charity match certainly sounds like a good idea.


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As Tropper66 was the worlds greatest fisherman, he just might return from the grave to BS you all to death with his tales of the one that got away
NO! :threaten:

..........................only kidding!! :)
I need my eyes testing ... I completely misread the title of this .... ;-)
Sod all that pissing about with rods for hours on end, just use a gill net and eat for a week...or more! :twisted:


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As there have been 9 positive votes in the poll since March, I can't see that the demand is there. Nothing to stop you using the 'Groups' functionality that the new site software has to set up a members interest group about fishing though.

Remember: there's a thin line between fishing and standing on the riverbank looking like a dick.
LMAO, I never knew I could attract so much attention is such a small time, I need to be hanging around Piccadilly Circus more on my days off..

@ Sixty, I crossed that line a long time ago and I didn't even need fishing for that..

Maybe I'll see if we can get a charity match organised over in the Sports, Adventure Training and Events and we'll take it from there, thanks for the replies guys made me chuckle anyway.. :)
A natural companion for Shooting Sports? "Hunting, Shooting and Fishing?", "Field Sports"? Or perhaps "Murderous Pastimes"?

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