Any chance for a Pet Forum?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Devil_Dog, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Yes. Pets are people too.

  2. No. Who cares about those bomb sniffing mongrels who keep us safe while we sleep? They also urine on

  3. Maybe. But only if they learn how to use a keyboard.

  1. Dear Mods,

    There is a very interesting discussion on pets that is going on at

    However, said discussion is getting a little bit cluttered. Is there any chance, any chance at all, that we can have a free standing pet forum?

    I am sure a substantial portion of Arrsers own a pet or two and would really make it worthwile for everyone to participate.

    I know I have not always been kind to you but can we put that in the past and get the forum going?

    I throw myself to your kind mercies. :worship:

  2. Yeah, good idea...let's get a DOGGING site!
  3. ....... and you're not being sarcastic? Devil_Dog?
  4. Not in the least bit. Some of the stuff on the dog owners thread is priceless and very practical.

    I, like most others here I suspect, do not have the patience to sit through a 200 page technical publication on how to raise little Fido.

    A pet forum would provide an easy to read 'owners manual' that would go miles and miles above and beyond what you would normally find at your local pet shop.
  5. Great idea! Mod could be Stan Collymore.
    Seriously though, an interesting idea.....I'd definitely check out a pet thread for advice before parting with hard-earned at the vets. You only have to check out the staff car park at the surgery to see where your cash is going, & they still have the cheek to ask for more each year.
    Long live Battersea!
    Rant over.......
  6. As a long time owner of sevaral dogs of undetermined origin, i think this is a good idea.

    As my dogs would say "woof woof!"
  7. Was hoping to unleash more emotion than this.
  8. Not barking up the wrong tree? Am I?
  9. What's the saying? If you can't run with the big dogs ......... then don't p1ss up the tall trees? (Though not sure how pertinent that is to your question?)

    Back on topic: I no longer have a dog, but yes, that is an excellent and informative thread. This is a military website, but dog-handling and management has always been a part of military life. And, come to that, so has horse-management. And then there are all those little mascotty critters, like ferrets:


    So it sounds like a good idea to me (a civvy :oops: ).
  10. What's that nasty thing on his beret?
  11. Anybody home? Anyone at all?
  12. I still believe in the course.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yes a pet forum, I want to talk about my ferrets :D erm her ferrets.
  14. You see!!!! I pre-empted this MASSIVE and totally unexpected influx of ferret-enthusasts when I posted that cute picture.
    ....... or was it manipulated?
    (Pats self on back :wink: )