Any Carpenters?

Im planning on joining the Royal Engineers and I am looking forward to the combat engineering side of corps. For my trade I am going to do Carpentry because I already have experience in the trade and find it quite enjoyable! I understand that i may not get to use my trade alot of the time and have been told by someone in the infantry that once learnt the trade i will never use it. I am wondering if this is the case and if I dont use it what else would i be doing with the majority of my time? Will it be varied?

I was hoping someone who has done this trade could tell me about their experience on operations or someone who knows more about it than the infantry soldier i have spoken with.

All advice and past experiences would be helpful to help paint a picture of what my life would be like as a sapper!

I've just got back from Herrick 12 where I was using the C&Js in my Troop on a regular basis for tasks like CP/PB upgrades. Get used to making entry control gates, showers and toilets to hold Wag bags.
here is your tool kit -

just remember to knock feck out of all nails & with any screws batter them in until the last two turns. ^_~

seriously i woul;d say the wood-butchers are pretty busy on scheme at the minute.

good luck.
Why would you ask your mate in the infantry for career advice on the Royal Engineers? Remind him that as a carpenter at least you will have a trade when you leave the Army as opposed to him who will be a mall security guard!
Have a look at the REME Shipwrights they sometimes get to play with real nice wood.
You will be used as and when required to construct all manner of things which require your skills.


ask the Mud Muppets as they are also very found of Chippies as well ....


i'll get my coat. =|

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