Any car mechanics in? Problem with wheels

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by soldier.a, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. So today I took the car out for the first time since getting back. While I was away in Afghanistan my family had the front tyres changed as requested as they where starting to look a bit dodgy tread wise.

    Everything feels fine and dandy for a little while until I get up to speed on the motorway and then suddenly the steering wheel starts shaking. Not massively, just enough that you notice it and that it doesn't feel right. Then it stops for a while. Then it starts again. Dropping my speed below 60 seems to get rid of it entirely.

    Thinking this was just a little bit odd I decided to turn back and take a look. Now what I know about cars can be pretty much summed up in the phrase "I can drive one..." but I am fairly sure it's not the suspension. My brother assures me he watched Kwik-Fit balance the tyres and adjust the tracking when he had them changed. I checked the nuts and they are all tight and correct. However upon inspecting the wheels I noticed that the front wheels where missing something as is displayed in these photographs...

    Rear wheels

    Front wheels

    There appears to be some kind of cap or cover missing from both front wheels. I suspect they went missing when the tyres where changed, I didn't notice as there is another cover that goes over the nuts hiding them from view. My question is could this be a cause of the shaking (They are missing from both front wheels) and/or is this dangerous or is it ok to leave them?

    The car is getting on in years now and won't be with me for very much longer so I don't want to go splashing huge sums on repairing her but I need her working for now so any advice I can get before I go down the route of paying for a mechanic or gobbing off to Kwik-Fit would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. You just need to have your wheels balanced. Take it in to any tyre place and tell them what the problem is - they'll take the wheels off, put them on a jig to spin them, read the read-out then put a small weight on the appropriate part of the wheel rim and job jobbed. It should have been done when the new tyres were fitted.

    Should take about 10 mins.
  3. Agreed, wheel balancing. They obviously got the duty fuckwit to do it last time.

    Don't worry about the missing bit it's just a dust cap.
  4. Is it a vibration in the steering wheel? You say shaking, I can't see how it can do that... If it is vibrating you need the wheels balanced, which can be done anywhere for a few quid. The car probably lost one of them little lead weights.

    Not a mechanic, just a lad with common sense...
  5. If going to kwik-fit, be careful or you'll be leaving with 4 new tyres, new shock absorbers, brake pads and a big hole in your bank account
  6. Have the wheels been correctly balanced after the tyre change? I would return the car back to the garage who fitted the tyres and Instruct them to check the wheels are correctly balanced. (Some of the quick fit places do not balance the wheels correctly).

    Are the wheels nuts correctly fitted and torqued up to the correct figures.

    You appeart to be missing the centre trim from your wheels on all of them, and appear to be missing the cover that covers the central locking nut on the front wheels (grease cup) (see rear wheels). (Pop in to your local Ford Garage and ask them to check on the computer parts sytem to see if the central nut on the front wheels has a cover).

    Also check they fitted the correct tyres for your car (speed rating etc).
  7. "Kwik fit" is surprisingly not an anagram of either "Dick Turpin", "useless bastard" or "thieving gypsy spunk bubble" now who would have thought it?
  8. Balanced and tracking looked at, job done. Cheap as chips too.
  9. Couldn't agree more. We took our little Fiesta in for one of their free brake checks for peace of mind before going on holiday and an impending MOT. They pretty much recommended replacing half of the braking system, ie front discs and pads, rear drum shoes and brake fluid at a cost of £300 plus VAT. Apparantly, the front pads that I'd had replaced with genuine Ford parts only a month previously were "pretty much gone, mate". The best bit? Kwik Shit wanted £75 plus VAT for a set of front pads, the proper ones from Ford were only £35 inc VAT! The fact that it sailed through the MOT the next month at a Ford main dealer, having had none of these parts replaced, leads me to suspect they were talking Horlicks.
  10. Only if you're a mug........
  11. I tend to just get a new car when the tyres wear out.
  12. Many thanks for the helpful replies. Apologies for the slight confusion. I do mean vibrating as opposed to shaking. I had initially discounted balancing as my brother had said he had seen them do it when they changed the tyres but I'll get them to do it again.

    Tyres and nuts all correct and fitted/tightened correctly. I took the centre trim off to take the photographs as it covers up all the nuts so the alloy looks flush. I don't mind too much if the central cover from inside is missing as long as it has no other purpose beyond keeping dust/muck out. The car is 9/10 years old now and almost ready to go out in a blaze of glory (As a stock car no less)! I just need her to work for me a little bit longer. ;)
  13. Agree with the balancing, but it'll be due to the fact that you've had the car standing for a while and your disc's have rusted over, you can see pitting on the photo. A simple fix is to litteraly rag the brakes.
  14. as above balancing or if the tyres were changed a while ago and the car has been sat static this will create a flat spot at the bottom of the wheel! this would also cause the vibration
  15. When I had a puncture it was only flat at the bottom too.