Any Brits in the Aussie Commandos?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Oi Blud, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Has any British passed/transferred into the Commando Regiments?. If so, how is it possible?. Does the Aussie Commandos have the same training as the AACC in the UK?.
  2. As Mark says, the info re selection and training is in the public domain.

    There are Brits in the Cdo Units on "long look" and pommy blokes who have joined the reserve . However, I don't think a discussion of the relative merits of the training versus AACC is particularly helpful as I think an analogy with 21 or 23 is probably more apt than RMR.

    However, I dont want this to turn into another arrse Para v Marines, Poms v diggers, SASv SASR, SAS v SBS bunfight as I find them tedious in the extreme.

    Out of interest, why do you ask?
  3. Im just curious for a few reasons becouse Australia is a Commonwealth country asides many British squaddies have transferred to the Aussie Army and most likely have joined the Commando Regiments.
  4. Because he's a cadet and wanks to SAS books and imagines he'll someday wear the venerated blacknasty instead of an acf ai's capbage and pants with a 60 inch waist riding 4 inches above his size6 parade boots? Just a thought. Seriously, are you a cadet? You can tell Unkie Flag...
  5. I doubt many lateral transfers will be to SOCOMD as it is very much a young man's game.

  6. Nope, im too old for that.
  7. Please crayon somewhere else mate.:)
  8. I also heard that if a Brit went to Australia and managed to join up would expect 2 years of red tape.
  9. I see what you did there... ;)
  10. I don't. Went over my head, Unkie Flag. :)
  11. Friend of mine joined the Royal Signals, after a few years left and joined the Marines, re did basic training (including a wee stint at Colly for dropping a DL who he disagreed with) Few years later went to OZ, joined their Army and ended up in the OZ SAS.

    His brother was in the RM as well. I think they may have had duel Nationality but he sure had wandering feet and a liking for training courses.. :)
  12. I know of an ex rockape who is in the Aussie SAS. Top lad.