Any British ex-Forces in NT Australia/British walt in Oz

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by halomonkey, May 3, 2007.

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  1. If there is can you pm me as I want to find out something about the British ex-Forces community in that area.
    15/05/07 1029hrs I have decided just to post and be damned.If I'm breaking any rules by posting this asshole's details Mods then I apologise and expect the post to disappear.
    Mrs Cairn Finney nee Murphy,last known to be residing in the Nhulanbuy area of NT, Australia. DOB: 30/01/1964.Born in Irvine, Ayrshire , Scotland.Has NEVER been in the British Forces. Her claims to have served 15yrs in the British Army, firstly as an officer in the RE and then with the Intelligence Corps, are pure fabrication.
    (edit : blurb taken out as claimed quals/employment history she has written in this thread is even funnier than the quals she told me she had)
    There are two reasons for me outing this woman.One is that if she is gaining employment on the strength of these fabricated qualifications and on her lies about being in the Army, she is a danger to all who work with her.The second one is personal, she has NEVER served and I find that an insult to all of those who have served and do serve.

    Ebay blurb edited 08/06/2011 as it's well past the 90 days, so unable to be seen.

    08/06/2011 : At the beginning of this year Cairn/ciaren/cairns/kayren/etc decided to post on this thread. During her posts she admitted having lied about being ex-Army and mentioned her lack of professional qualifications before leaving UK. Therefore I believe the desired outcome has been achieved, so a slight edit has been made . However her name and initial claim will not be removed by me, thus ensuring she cannot try this trick again ;)
    The thread however is still worth a read from where it kicks off in 2011. It's better than a soap or a comedy :D
  2. Try giving this site a go:

    Its a bit like an Ozzy Arse.
  3. Thanks will take a look :thumleft:
  4. I'm there - for another 30 minutes - can I help?
    I'll be back in 7 weeks - PM me if you like - I may get on t'internet while I'm away.
  5. Not if I can help it......!!
  6. :?
  7. NT - Not for me! QLD thanks!!

    Are you transferring?
  8. Nope not transferring. :smile:
  9. For those , like myself, who jump to the last post on a thread, please note I have edited the first post on this thread to include details of the walt in question.Thanks.
  10. Good work - Maybe you should e-mail the NT Times!!
  11. Walting matilda, walting matilda...
  12. Ah , now after the edit I am much more inclined to respond , since I am in Darwin (like Nige ) but here all the time I am always in for a bit of Walt baiting. Drop Me a PM Halomonkey. Nuhulnbuy (pronounced Null un boy)only has one thing going for it and thats the road out of it .Its a small town . :wink:
  13. Photo of the walt

    Temporary edit and I do mean temporary :D
  14. I know it's been a while since this one was mentioned. Spoke to a friend earlier who is ex-RMP and apparently waltzilda had joined ForcesReunited but telling a slightly different tale on how long served. On there she claimed Army service from 1981-1991, however didnt list any Regt/Corps. My friend contacted ForcesReunited and says they were very helpful and have swiftly removed waltzildas registration.
  15. OzDuke's right, out her to the NT Times. It'll replace the 'crocodile eats local' story on the front page... NT is pretty passionately patriotic and Darwin is a big Forces town (Brigade and Naval base.) They'd hate crap like that, and they have a picture to run of her! Also you'd get her name trashed within the mining communities.