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Any Bolton Wanderers supporters out there? Or is it just me?

What the hell are Bolton playing at - l'd rather have herpes than have Gary Megson as our coach - we are DOOMED!!!!

I thought little sammy was websters, but f*** me Mr Gartside... are you having a laugh or what??

My view - all our best players (well, Anelka) get sold, fatshit Gartside sells up and we do a Leeds

Surely lm not the only BWFC out there wondering what the hell has happened??
I admit to suffering the same affliction as you.

Gartside has clearly lost his few remaining marbles and I intend to spent the rest of the season pretending not to care about the teams imminent departure from the Premiership.
1878 Bolton Wanderers 3, Royal Engineers 1

hmm, now lm torn, l reckon we would beat them with our websters Regimental team....

Bolton? l might give them a pound for saturdays lottery, see if they can win a tenner..... but l doubt it
scuba - one of the best seasons ever, on our way to the first division, flying (well for a second div side in the cup..)

this time last year, big sam saying we were a top four side - l did laugh at that admittedly, top 8 maybe haha...
would have been a hell of a pi$$ up for me though knocker!!

Egineers win - corps tent!!

Bw win = corps tent!! (and bolton is websters for a night out now)
OMG we have Bayern Munich tommorow.

How many are we going to get humped by. I cant wait.

Smegson - your an arrse!!!
So far hes not done too badly, though hes still a ginger nosher. I have a few flickering hopes of us not getting relegated bottom this season (maybe third bottom but no lower).

those were the days, when life was good.... sob sniff.....
I still remember the headline in Th'Evening News now. White hot if. I think i still have a cut out somewhere.

Andy Walker and Super John Mcginley. Reckon we could get em out of retirement to save our season?
it would be good and yes, the Bolton Evening News headline was indeed 'white hot'

Even better beating arsenal at highbury, only to throw it all away with defeat by Oldham!! arrse!!

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