Any body in the TA Int Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by adam_c, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. Alright guys,

    I was just wondering whether anybody on this forum was in the TA Int Corps who wouldn't mind me PM'ing them?


  2. Ahhhh. Comfy chair, drink, crisps (don't like popcorn)........and begin...

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  3. Do we have a contingent of TA Corps floating on the boards?
    A very mixed bag in my experience, some excellent, some EXTREMELY dangerous.

    You wouldn't go amiss to contact your local TA Intelligence Corps unit directly, rather than trawl these boards.
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  4. I'd go along with that suggestion, if I were you.

    The INT CORPS do not tend to self-publicise, y'see.

    Think about it.

  5. Yes there is and yes you can. But only on Tuesday nights or every other weekend.

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  6. Alternatively you could meet them personally at Heaven, any Saturday night, its just up the road from Embankment Underground on the Circle and District line.
  7. I wasn't going to ask about a TA fam visit, I was just wondering whether anybody could inform me of the selection process for the TA int corps. I've already passed my first interview and BARB test and I am due to go on the ADSC weekend soon. I have read the 110 page selection thread on here too but it focuses mainly on the regs selection process not the TA. I just wanted to know if someone in the TA int corps could give me an idea on what they did for their selection. Cheers
  8. AfghanAndy

    AfghanAndy On ROPs

    So you wanted to cheat? Why should you get an advantage over others?
  9. No I don't want to know how I can gain an advantage and what the best answers are to the interview questions. I want to know basically what follows from the adsc weekend, is it a further interview? I saw that if you want to be a linguist in the int corps regs you have to do a course which lasts over a year. How does this work for the TA? Not cheating, just enquiring.
  10. I've got to ask - what is it with this Corps, and problems with reasonably couched Requests For Information? Aren't these something that we deal with on a day-to-day basis? I get that this is an internet forum and a degree of 'banter' and 'humour' (depending on your definition of them) is expected; however, I've lost count of the number of times that some here like to use their position/knowledge to appear bigger/betterer/cleverer. Internet walting and the cabbage capbadge seem to be inextricably linked, here at least.

    Having just read another thread about the current, appalling failure of the TA/Reserve recruiting effort, it may be useful to help people out; after all, adam_c may just go and do an op tour instead of one of you self-important belters at some point in the future. We are trying to grow by 2 x MI Bns in fairly short order; I'm sure that you'll all feel so much better when it fails, saying 'I told you so', instead of doing something to help your Corps grow. Not like 99% of the Int Corps to lack any notion of strategic perspective, is it...

    OP - I'm not in the TA so can't help directly. However, a couple of good mates are either PSIs at, or RSM of, TA MI Units. PM me with where you are looking at joining (London or the Shires) and I may be able to give limited assistance in putting you through to those in the know. There. That wasn't hard...
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  11. What were do you think they get their int BBC website mostly

  12. Finally, somebody who can help as opposed to just making people too scared to even post a question on this forum. I'm all up for banter but it gets to the point where I'm so reluctant to post I decide against it and go without. Like grunt34 said, I'm hoping to be one of you guys, to help improve and expand your corps. Cut me some slack. Thanks grunt34 for your message. I'll PM you.
  13. No he's doing research to better himself, good luck to the lad. He's not posted anything derogatory or inflammatory. If you can't help you could say nothing.
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  14. SlimergbBR003bio.png
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  15. My best advice would be to contact the unit directly. Processes often change, and unless involved in recruiting itself, people often dont know what the current situation is. The unit can give you the best possible steer.