Any bleeding edge fashionistas here?

I was considering setting up in the slightly religious underwear scheme. I just consign them to rags use either for polishing or wiping down oily bits. D'you think they'd sell?
try selling them to the Japanese vending machine owners (although apparently the 'used' panties they sold were not actually used)
@dingerr hasn't got odd legs. It's just the seven league boots he was wearing that day weren't calibrated properly.
Shades of Pratchett.

The ability of slightly fey men who are good with colours to get women to wear clothes that make models look misshapen amazes me.

The fact they also get them to pay for it as well!!!

Oi tips moi hat to em honest I do.
Polo shirt and escaped bollock swinging gently in the breeze in my case.

Hoodies are a bit chav, don'tcherknow...?

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