Any Aussies in the British Army?

There are few, but not as many as there are Brits that have upped and joined the Aussie Army. Can't fault them though; cost of living and sun (if you get the right posting).
lol yea i know! it's rediculous how many want to do it! but to be fair, you dont have to pay tax in the Australian Army so everything you get including the extra pay you get when you go on tour goes straight into your pocket! But there ya go! i'd still rather be in the British Army over the Australian Army!
I'm in the Aussie Army and I pay tax, as does every other Aussie. if you deploy on some operations, your pay and allowances are not taxed, however other earnings (interest on savings etc.) are stil taxed.

I've sampled both armies, and neither is better or worse, they are just different. I have had a ball in both, but couldn't choose one over the other.
Veteran Rumour has that there was a dodgy RN Vet who had obtained and wore an Australian Defence Medal by devious means. Would he count?


PS: He does not wear it now it seems the OZ MOD took it off him
Yeah, me. I've only passed out a few weeks ago so I'm far from a guru on all things Army, and I never tried the ADF so I can't and wouldn't want to make any comparisons. Aussies seem to be pretty rare over here but there are a few, seems mostly duel nationals with the UK or Ireland.

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