Any Aussies in here?



We are currently advertising for a place within our company and have just recieved amongst all the dross cv's one from a chap claiming he was an Intelligence Officer in the Aussie SAS.

Got his name etc. Need to check him out, if he's a walt he's in for a BIG TIME shock. The MD has got memorabilia all over her office. Some of it mine and some of it our Lad's who is currently out on his second Op Herric.

Any hints would be usefull and questions to ask him to put him on the spot. Do they have a boat house? Knowing you lot its probably a Regt Bar.

Anyhow would love to have some info so that I can ask pertinent Questions. :twisted:



Currently Pissing Myself Laughing. Just found out where the Barracks are.
My Dads brother did do a strecth with the Regiment got medically discharged with a fractured spine. And he settled in Swanbourne afterwards.

Think I'll pick up the phone to him this weekend and see if he has stayed in touch with the Regt. Can't guarnatee it cause hes a moody bastard like all the blokes in my family :) but you never know he may have retained some esprit de corps.
AB - PM me I've got a mate in the Aussie Army and know another fellah who joined them too.
PM me for a recently-retired Warrant Officer's perspective 8)
CO, Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)
1957-58 Major W.W. Gook
1958-60 Col. L. A. Eyles
1962-63 Major Alf Garland
1964-67 Lt. Col. Bill Brathwaite
1967-69 Lt. Col. Eyles
1969-72 Lt. Col. Lawrie Clark
1972-73 Lt. Col. I.D. McFarlane
1973-76 Lt. Col. Neville Smethurst
1976-77 Lt. Col. P.M. Jeffery
1977-79 Col. R.P. Beesley
1979-82 Col. R.G. Curtis
1982-85 Col. C.A.M. Roberts
1985-88 Col. T.J. Nelson
1988-? Lt. Col. J.J.A. Wallace
1993 Lt. Col. Tony Jeapes

Source: 1957-1988 Horner, P.M. SAS, Phantoms of the Jungle: A History
of the Australian Special Air Service. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1989.

Shouldn't be too difficult - 20 Secs on Google - If he doesn't know that, he definately shouldn't get the job :)
For some reason I picture our Biscuits chortling and rubbing his hands together with an evil grin as he enters the scene... :D
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