Any Artillery Sight Experts?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Petriburg, May 7, 2007.

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  1. A couple of sights have turned up in our workshop area at Duxford.

    The first, a "Sight, Dial No 10 Mk II speaks for itself, but we'd appreciate any info on what gun it might have been fitted to.

    Here's a pic:

    The other one is a puzzler:

    It carries no markings, save for some scratched numbers on the mounting face:
    And as the possible diopter numbers (?) are shown like so:

    Perhaps it is mounted with the brass ring to the bottom? It's certainly missing the eyepiece.

    It also has a small glass "window" with a red filter, suggesting that an internal graticule may be illuminated.

    Any ideas on what this might be?
  2. Possibly the most unlikely source of reference available but it looks very like the sight on the weapon featured here:

    Great enterainment value anyway - look out for parts 2 and 3!
  3. Do you know what? I was actually about to say that about that very Dads Army episode!!!!!!!
  4. Ah, the No 10 dial sight was made in 1942, which post-dates the 13 or 18pdrs...

    The makers mark is "RBG"
  5. Actually the first is much more interesting than the second, which is direct fire telescope (or Telescope, Sighting or Telescope, Anti-tank). There should be a number on it somewhere. However, I don't think its a No 22 which was used with 6-pdr and 25-pdr. It might be a No 51 used with 17-pdr. Of course it could also be a tank sight, but IIRC its not the telescope used with Abbot SP.

    Now the No 10 dial sight. The last standard numbered dial sight used by artillery was No 9, this lasted into the 1970s although it was by then converted to mils. No 9 entered service about mid WW2. There doesn't seem to have been a No 8, but its not impossible, perhaps a No 7 modified to fit the sight mount of one of the US guns introduced via early lend lease (eg 155mm How M1917). There are several possibilities that I can think of, and the clue must be the curved eyepiece, all other dial sights have a straight one:

    a US gun, perhaps 75 mm M3 or 105mm M7, however, No 9s were fitted to US guns post war (eg 8-inch, 175 mm and HJ rocket launchers) by use of an adapter and not being familiar with the older guns I can't say whether an adaptor couldn't be fitted.

    land mattress, this would at least fit with being No 10, but the date seems a bit early

    17-pdr, an indirect fire capability was introduced circa 1944

    However the question with the last two is why not use No 7 or 9?

    That leaves one option, it was a successor to No 9 that didn't work out (but given No 9's longevity that doesn't really compute for the need for another, but perhaps they trialled 2 or 3 designs (8 - 10).

    As I say, its an interesting one. You might have got yourself something quite rare.