Any Arrsers Work For Ocado?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by treborre, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Are there any Arrsers out there that work for Ocado? I might be working them in the future and I would like the lowdown on the place and not the recruitment team version!
  2. After a month working for them as a driver I quit last night after getting a much better job! The pay is not so good and the pressure to deliver on time was the utmost importance to them! If anyone was thinking about joining them think carefully about your time you want to spend with your family first!
  3. Don't do it...........just from personal experience, they don't treat you in best step out of line and your out! Basically you can't even yawn or fart without them questioning you, why. They have camera's in the vehicle's cabs to make sure you are not picking your nose!! Better jobs out there that pay better and treat you better.
  4. Funnily enough I was talking to one of their delivery blokes today. He was going on about how shit the pay was, how they expected you to drive at 80 all day without getting a ticket however he also went on about job security and how it was pretty much guaranteed hours and all the overtime he needed. Swings and roundabouts really mate in an uncertain world. Why not stick it until somethnig better comes along - its money after all. Good luck.
  5. "Guaranteed hours and all the overtime he needed." Is a euphemism for sh1t basic wages and working yourself into a heart attack! I know, I was that man...
  6. Well pleasure talking to you earlier mate and the stitches in your spinchter should dissolve in a week or so, until then, avoid multiple insertions and no more ferrets.
  7. As an HGV1 driver for the past 5 years since I left the Army I'd say driving can be the worst job you could ever have.

    1) Try an avoid anything to do with home delivery. I know people who've worked for Comet and Home Delivery Network, say goodbye to any social life.

    2)General Haulage is a nightmare at 7 1/2 ton and Class 2 level. Delivering a pallett of bricks in some housing estate and dragging them up a hill anyone?

    3)Any multi-drop where the Transport Office is on your back all day is a serious pain.

    4) There are good HGV jobs out there (I've got one), but unless you really love trucks and driving try to do something else.