Any ARRSERS in WHITCHURCH? - Now Resolved. Thanks.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Anyone in Whitchurch who can help Ex_STABs mate out to the tune of £20?

    She's broken her debit card and has to pay for £16 worth of petrol. The petrol station are threatening to call the police and won't take a cheque. She's a VERY long way from home.

    Anyone who can help please call me on 07XXX XXXX (Edited).

    Ta Very muchly.
  2. Call the petrol station up and give your debit/credit card details over the phone to pay for the fuel
  3. They won't do it. Tried that. Thanks all the same.

    I'm 75 miles away so if anyone can save me a 140 mile round trip clearly I'll make sure there's a few pints in it for them.

  4. Tell them to call the police, if its a genuine mistake, they will get her to fill a form out with the caveat she has to reattend the fuel station within x amount of days with the redies or the coppers will then take an interest. Im too far away and poor to help otherwise, sorry
  5. OK, will bear that option in mind. Thanks.
  6. Tell the petrol station to wind their neck in. If she was intending to pay but the card is fecked then no offence has been committed. The police will have nothing to do.

    This has happened to me in the past - the station takes your registration number and issues you with a slip saying you owe them £X. You retunr the cash later that day or the next.

    Bloody chippy petrol monkeys!
  7. Agreed, they are being complete nobs. They won't wear any reasonable suggestion. Hopefully there'll be someone in Whitchurch who can help.
  8. They won't?! Stupid people, there's no reason at all for them not to accept payment that way :roll:

    Sorry thats the only help I can offer - I don't even know where Whitchurch is :oops:
  9. Of course that's a 150 mile round trip, I've forgotten how to add up.

  10. Can't assist but make sure you get the petrol station's details and write to the local newspapers.
  11. Anyone?

    Please...... :)
  12. Whitchurch

    In Shropshire somewhere. 12 million miles from Cambridge methinks.

    Ex-Stab, put the petrol station number on here, and we'll all phone up and offer to pay.

    Bickies, what's your outlook on this?
  13. I like that idea!

    Might do that if we can't find anyone!
  14. Mrs Toppers used to work in a petrol station, they had a form to complete which they would use in cases like this, but only if they believed the person was genuine. (not casting doubts on anyone involved in this case) In the event of the police being called then all the filth do is ask if there is anyone who can pay for her. Mrs toppers used to take card details over the phone almost daily.
  15. I had a similar situation when I came back from Canada the card was refused because I hadn't used it for so long.

    This was in Sainsburys and they told me no offence was committed as I had genuinely attempted to pay for the fuel. I completed a form which included all my details and was told I had 7 days to pay after which the details would be passed to the police.