Any Arabic speakers here?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Psypher, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. It is an attempted wind up but once he starts naming the terrorists and giving silly names like Ehud Olmert, the former Israeli premier it becomes a bit obvious, he also offers to name every Ḥamās member, not just the Gaza locals.

    The leaflet is exactly what you said, a report your neighbour/friend invitation, it's a bit blurry but basically that is what it says.

  2. Thanks for that HTH, much obliged.

    In this particular case, these overt calls for information do seem a little pointless to me. I'd guess 99.9% of the calls must be either wind-ups or abusive. And of the 0.1% of apparent useful intelligence must surely be taken with a huge pinch of salt?

    Maybe the leaflet's intention is more to spread paranoia, rather than a serious attempt to gather intelligence?
  3. Useless? If you were going to invade somewhere and wanted to understand who were likely to be anti, even in minor degrees like hoax calling for example, then this would seem like an excellent profiling technique.
  4. A good point Cuddles, but in this particular case wouldn’t the IDF already be pretty clued up in that respect?

    These tips phone numbers have been used in the past with apparent success, for example in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but in these examples there’s potentially more benefit, with some friendly population and a great need for profiling, intelligence gathering, etc.
  5. spike7451

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    DurkaDurka Souk Jihad,
    Does that help?
  6. Wafiz musqala! they are both as bad as each other and deserve what they are getting - rockets for you, bombs for you...sorted.
  7. Asked my bosun to listen to it. He's Palestinian; not sure if it's legit. 1. He reckons the accents are probably from the palestinian camps in Lebanon. Also, he suggests it's fairly dangerous to piss off the red sea pedestrian security people - phone traces etc. as you're never going to be quite sure what the response will be.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Pick phone up ring number drone on about Olmert etc being terrorists
    Bloke on other end traces GPS coordinates on phone
    You glance up and see a 1000lb pounder inbound

    Getting a bit bored of it all now
    Isreal should either drive them into the sea, go home or force the fukcers to listen to Annie Lennox or Alexi Sayle for a few hours if that can't produce a surrender I don't know what will
    "No more I luve yooooooooouuuuu"
    "I was in the Young Ones laaaaaarrrrr"
    Wasn't our Armed Forces engaged on Operations somewhere our news media hasn't reported on them fro ages