Any APC Spotters Identify This Vehicle?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rooper, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone identify this vehicle. It's the same vehicle described by Bruce Parry in Arctic as being the 'community tank'.

    At first I though it was a GAZ-71 but there are marked differences unless it's an early version.

    Anyone any ideas?

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  2. Are you sure its standard? It might be modified for civvi use perhaps?
    Although I've never seen a GAZ-71 in the flesh.
  3. i like the concept of a community tank- maybe give some to the local police
  4. gaz 71 with a little extra tin work .................................
  5. Chase some 14 year old chavs away from outside the corner shop with it...
  6. Bonnet too long and wrong windscreen for GAZ-71; can't help beyond that though.
  7. hull, and running gear, very 71. windscreen could be a civy mod ?
  8. or drive over there legs with it
  9. Saw one like it in a documentary about mammoth diggers in Siberia, civi version of GAZ71, used all over the cold and wet bits of old USSR and still in use today. Very effective and the one in the doccie had a caravan type body on the back.