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Any Antique Glass experts out there ?

Does it look mass produced or handmade?

We sold a lot of my late mum's stuff on ebay. We also got a good idea of what some of the stuff might be worth from there. It might be worth you browsing to see if you can find anything similar on there.
It's a hideous object, but if it's genuine Murano glass, from Venice, it may have a bit of value: unless, of course, it's a Chinky copy, of which there are many.

Genuine Murano glass is very expensive, to be honest.

But this object looks like the drunken glass blower fell on it before it had set.
Not a very clear pic,,how tall,how heavy,any engraving on the base???,,,,,,could be Murano or some other Italian studio or even Chinese copy...


Book Reviewer
Looks like an apprentice piece? Something done to demonstrate various skills to the boss. They were usually horrible and ugly, being done by Sprogs who were out to impress. It is fairly horrible and ugly to be fair. And useless. What's it for? Too sharp for peanuts. Too shallow for flowers. Bin it and move on.

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