Any an address for the RBL

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pat_pheonixs_tits, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have an address or know anyone sensible in the Brit Legion?

    I found a collection pot in a local supermarket and would like to return it to its rightful owners, once I've prized it open and removed any notes and pound coins and replaced them with a cup full of Euros and Lira I've amassed over the years.

    I feel thats a reasonable fee for me making the effort?

    Does anyone know of any decent scams where SSAFA or ABF will buy you a tele or double glaze your house? I did my time so am cashing in on it.

  2. PM Old Baldy.
  3. Will he want a cut?
  4. Or just drop it in the local branch if it's anywhere near home.
  5. I bet you'd drop it off for him wouldn't you ? I bet you'd run, swim, crawl and stagger the length and breadth of the uk to stick a half filled tin in the psoriasis mottled hands of a Dunkirk vet.
  6. Juan I'm beginning to think you don't like therealbigdizzle. Did an AI touch you where you wee?:)
  7. I wouldn't have fought it, nothing wrong with sucking the odd cock as a kid to get ahead.
  8. what did you do with the tray of poppies ? should have stood out side and rattled the tin for more........ WW
  9. Binned them

    When I said found, I sort of meant nicked it, then felt guilty so just took some out and handed rest in to local BLESMA spack house
  10. More likely I'd rip the tin apart and spend the cash on coke. Your wife takes it as payment.