any Amiga freaks?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by lill, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. Walkthroughs?!? Sod that - get WinUAE (UAE Amiga Emulator) and play the damned things!

  2. Ive got a A1200 with GVPSeries 2 memory upgrade.The problem ive got is the A1200 will not start up.My fav games at the time Chaos Engine Sensi Soccer Superfrog.Do you remember MAXS BBS and Xenolink BBS software?
  3. i think some of the boards i used to frequent used ami express (or something similar) did you do any blueboxing back then?
  4. Never heard the term blueboxing...whats that?
  5. it was a means of doing long-distance modem calls to the BBS'. most of the Amiga boards were based in the US at that time (early 90's).
  6. No i use to loggon to ones in the UK...there were a good few about.I use to run one on MAXS BBS software....admittedly i had help setting the software up.Portsmouth had a few BBS`s one i use to loggon to called Mostly Harmless SYSOP Lee Sanders...well ahead of its time.

    Most of these BBS`S were run on A4000 040`s :-D
  7. i used to dream of owning an A4000. i had an A500 with a 68020 accelerator in the side port and a 80mb GVP harddrive. A500 4096 colours (HAM) and 16 bit sound. it was a good time though.
  8. Yea i started with a borrowed A600 then went out and got the A1200 030 GVP Series 2 board 10Megs total.On the PCMCIA slot i had a CDROM running.Good system thou,Motorola based chipset true multitasking.Yup i nearly got an A4000 40.When i came around to getting it PC486 started to come into their own.Accessing the internet with an Amiga started to be troublesome,error messages popping up ``Frames browser needed to view this site``.

    All those years ago Amiga using Motorola chips,could not of been that bad Apple are using them as well..
  9. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I still have a 500 in my loft with must be pushing 100 games. It was sat in my parents loft for years and when they were sorting the loft out I brought it to where I now live with the view of firing it back up for a bit of nostalgia, but never got around to it. Last time I used it, it was still in full working order so it is fair to say it probably still is.

    Anyone remember team yankee?
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    yes, but M1 Tank Platoon beat the pants off it. as did most of the Microprose sims for the Amiga. I 'flew' hundreds of missions over the USSR in the F-19. ;)

    Deuteros and Dune were the dog's danglies as well.
  11. A someone based in BFG during '90 to '92 I remember the Amiga well. Not least, the cracks and demos available at cheap prices from "local suppliers" ;-) Anyone recall the demos from "Red Sector"? (vector balls demos). Dated now, but the music and animations were coded. One gentleman left his contact details in the code, and as a nosey and ham fisted wannabee coder, I remember having a very pleasant convo with "Tron". Anyone else know what I'm going on about?