Any Advocates here?

Not thast I need one, rather I'm seriously considering a career change and the idea of Advocacy appeals.

Whats required?

I have a professional qualification ( but not a degree ).


If it helps, I was short listed for Pope. Although rather unusually I am not a Catholic. I'll leave the rest to ....
Come on, really, what have you done?
I don't want to put you off but I've just spent 5 years wasting my time and money trying to become a solicitor. I left school and went straight to Shorncliffe as a Junior Leader in 1986 so I therefore have no A levels. I thought that 20+ year's worth of life/work experience would make up for the lack of A levels - unfortunately I was wrong, unless you are prepared to earn the Solicitor's minimum wage (around £16k). But that's my sob story - if you want to give it a go you can look at the following websites:

Barrister -
Solicitor -

I did my law degree at Birkbeck College in London over 4 years (part-time) and the LPC at Chelmsford over 9 months (full-time). Solicitors are also advocates, which type of court you can address depends on your rights of audience.

Hope this helps.

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