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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mrtickle, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi. Im currently in week 8 at pribright atc. This forum was very usefull 2 me while i was preparing for basic. If anyone needs any advice about what the basic training is like then send me a message and i will try 2 give you a honest answer.
  2. How much more of basic do you have to do?, any big challenges ahead, well done getting this far, are you inf or trade bound?

    Whispers (if I was you, I'd just chip in to questions already asked)
  3. You're allowed the internet in training these days? What's the army coming to? Christ, they'll be issuing quilts next....
  4. What have you found the toughest about training up to now?
    How are you getting on with the rest of the lads in your troop and section?

  5. The toughest thing we have done so far is a 7 mile tab. The first few weeks up untill long weekend at week 7 hard as you have very little spare time. Now were back from week 7 we get most evenings and weekends off.
  6. Noticed in one of your other threads that you are a bit older than most recruits, how you getting on with the younger ones?
  7. They are three years older now.
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  8. He could of been back squaddied a dozen or so times though or got lost on his final exercise, saying that those younger ones are now JNCO's.
  9. The last I heard he was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.
  10. Were the words "Don't you want me" involved?
  11. Well we are going back in time.
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  12. Whats the furthest you've had to run and at what speed roughly?
  13. Thunder. The last time the OP posted was 3 years ago pal. :)
  14. ahhh balls. Nice one Tarack
  15. Is it true if you do 22 years as a Private you get an RSM's pension?