any advise 4 my selection and interviews?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nuffz, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. i'm going for selection/medical in January and i would like some advise on everything possible please for my interviews and selection
    thanks nuffz :D
  2. firstly dont panic......

    secondly read the many other threads on the selection

    thirdly... just make sure you are fit and thats about it, you have already had your army careers office interview and your one up in pirbright or lichfield is no different ....
  3. If that's you in your avatar, then go dressed as you'll be fine.
  4. Enjoy it!
  5. Enjoy yourself. I did, Had a great laugh aswell. Were are you going?ADSC glencorse?
  6. no I'm hopping to get into the army foundation collage
    thanks but i haven't had any formal interview at my careers office but they said i will have one before i go
  7. You will have both interviews before you go to Selection. Glencorse is one of the selection centers. What have you applied for?
  8. ive applied for the AFC
  9. I don' know what the AFC is. Could you elaborate as I am getting old and crusty and am no longer serving.

    However this can do you no harm. If you have time, and I think you do. Work on fitness. Assuming your education is up to scratch it would do no harm to regularly read a few good quality newspapers and keep up with current affairs in general.

    When you get there. Give full effort on everything physical (in fact everything). In interviews etc be absolutely honest. Do not try and bullshit. If asked a question that you do not know the answer to say "I do not know" rather than waffle. Even better is "I do not know but will find out", but only say that if you intend to find out the answer and get back to them with it.

    Basically prepare yourself to the best of your ability, put as much as you can into all tests and try to enjoy it. It is far more than a job and you do not want to get in if you are unsuitable. That seems unlikely however and I wish you the best. TBH, I am a little jealous that you are at that stage in life. I loved the vast majority of my time in service and would gadly do it all again.

    Some people will probably advise you to volounteer for nothing. My advice would be the opposite. Volounteer throw yourself into it and get the most out of it. The major fly in the ointment is the government but that is another subject.

    God luck, best wishes.
  10. an AFC is Army Foundation Collage its like an ATR which is Army Training Regiment if that helps

    and good luck nuffz i am also going to join an afc but when i am older
    as long as you dont panic you will be fine

    oh and what are you going in as?
  11. cheers Perturbed thats a great help and i dont have a lot of spare time because im training all the time but i think i need to build up my confidence
    thanks a munch nuffz
  12. i not sure thinkin ov a few medic paratrooper officer or maybe a amunition technition u??
  13. Fitness and do your research.
    I am constantly surprised how many people I interview and they have done no homework or research. Their knowledge based on media, assumptions and cr*p usually.

    With the advent of the internet and ARRSE there is no excuse.

    I interviewed a young 19 year old wanted to be an officer in the Army - 'Why?' I asked, his reply ' Because I have nothing better to do and it sounds a good laugh' 'Ok said I, get real and shut the door on the way out thank you' - enough said. Being in the military is a career go in with your eyes open and fully informed. Confident you have made the right choice and that you are up to the challenge.

    Good luck

  14. Remember your dictonary nuffz.

    Ears open and mouth shut. Be willing to learn.

    Good Luck.
  15. medic paratrooper officer?

    so you mean you want to be an officer in the RAMC and do p-coy?

    or did you just negate punctuation and are thinking of cmt, paras, or officer.

    also, whats your training sessions like?

    and 1.5 mile time and such.

    and you need a fairly high BARB and TST to be ammo tech.

    and have you got a levels? you need them to be an officer.