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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hayley_90, May 14, 2008.

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  1. 4 years ago, when i was only 14 (!) i have on my medical records that i did partake inone episode of self harm. This is true, and came just after my younger brother was diagnosed autistic and my family was under a lot of pressure, as the result of getting drunk for the first time.

    4 years on and a month ago i was prescribed 4 weeks worth of 20mg citralopram, an anti-depressant. I only took this for a week before my GP deemed that I was perfectly fine, and that my new regime of exercise in light of my army application and the new focus i had on my life have left me more mentally stable and focused than many other people she had filled in medical forms for. Although these tablets take 3 - 4 weeks to actually take any effect the doctor said i was in such a good mental state that there was no point carrying them on.

    In the time between the two incidents i have suffered the loss of a long term relationship, a job, i had quit another job due to bullying, my other brother got diagnosed as autistic, my cieling fell in, my grandma broke her hip, my mam had another baby, my ex boyfriend sent me abusive messages via text and the internet, my dad who abandoned us when i was three got in touch and i had an abortion. Through all of this I haven't self harmed, and was only prescribed the anti depressants because i wasn;t sleeping properly.

    How badly will this affect my application? I got 77 in my BARB test and I have good GCSEs, I am studying for my Maths Mechanics and Further Maths A Levels at the minute. Will I be deffered or just plain out refused?
  2. read all the other threads on self harm/ anti depressants/stress etc etc.
  3. You've had it hard. Sorry I cant answer your question but I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose.
  4. I was deferred because I had a consultation headed as stress related. On appeal I won with my doctors backing.

    Whoever assessed my medical report took the consulatations literally without asking for any further info!?

    The guidlines (so stated in my deferral letter) are clear of all symptoms and/or treatment for 2 years. I was lucky as I had been perscribed Citalopram in 2005 which left me clear of the guidlines.

    Obviously everyone is different. You may get deferred but you can appeal and if your doctor backs you then you maybe lucky?
  5. I was recently rejected because of a supposed history of anxiety issues, it was a minor entry in jan 2003 when i was studying for a level exams, and mentions in my notes that i was feeling tired and run down because i was choosing not to sleep as opposed to having difficulty sleeping, i hope my appeal comes through ok.

  6. good luck :D
  7. Well the relevant points in my medical records were highlighted with a nice orange highlighter this morning, though i did index the contents of the records, i included everything post 2002 incase they wanted to have a browse around (i dont go to the doctors much so not much paper) did a nice covering letter.

    Stapled it all together

    And bodged it in the Royal Mail next day delivery envelope, and away it went, there it will be at Glencorse by 1pm tomorrow, otherwise the kind fellows at work who paid for it, will get their money back.
  8. printed out your picture and banged one out. cheers.
  9. Any chance of a bigger one?
  10. you want PJ to bang one out for you, but bigger???? it takes all sorts I suppose.
  11. i was on about a bigger picture

    but all in all im not a fussy boy
  12. No advice from me, but good luck with joining.