any advice?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by loki_tm, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. im thinking of joining the sappers and just wondering if you guys went back to when you signed up would you still do it or smash the recruiter over the head with a chair and leg it?

    any advice appreciated
  2. Hell NO! Joining the Corps is a most honourable thing to do.

    So you want to join the Sappers Eh?

    Do it! You wont regret it
  3. do not think that i would join again if i am honest not with the way the army is going HOWEVER if i did then without a shadow of a doubt there is only one corps to join "THE CORPS OF ROYAL ENGINEERS"........hurrah :D :D
  4. I'd do it all again if I could go back in time. I wouldn't join up nowadays though. RE offers so much, do it....
  5. :? And after leaving the Army, do what?

    Car park attendant..
    Security guard..
    Stack Shelves...
    Use your small resettlement course to carry out a basic course to get you a job....

    Sod that! Join the Engineers, Get a real trade while you're in the Corps, with the possibility of futhering your trade from the basic level up to and past managerial level, Supplement it by your resettlement when you leave and thank yourself for not having become an Infanteer!!

    Or you could just join the Infantry, I suppose, if you want to be a real soldier..

    (Just dont forget you have to rely on all us 'not real soldiers' to get you into the warzone in the first place.) :roll:
  6. real soldier :? :? :? :?

    sorry forgot you are a scouser & obviously therefore delusional
  7. Join RE's, Get Trade, Leave and get decent job.

    I went along to Trg Regt 17 years ago and decided to stay if I enjoyed it. I'm still here, enough said!!
  8. I think you would find that 'smashing a chair over the recruiter's head' would get you automatic entry into the RGJ or QLR (or whatever they are being called this week).
  9. I agree Scouse Soldier, be a real soldier by joining the RE..... you wont go wrong.... :wink:
  10. thanks for the quick responses

    i was thinking of going for sparky or carpenter to give me a trade when i get out but i was wondering do you get much time as a CE if you pick these and also what do you think would be a good length of time to join for i know the mins 4 years just wondering your oppinions?

    you may begin hurling your abuse ....... NOW!
  11. far be from me to dissuade you from becoming a "wood-butcher" BUT sparks is the way forward my friend & handy for when you eventually leave the forces. cbt engr is a dying trade fella & has been for years so do not worry about it nowadays it is just a course you need to attend.

    pm me for any info regarding being a sparky if you want.

    good luck
  12. If you have a relatively short mil career in mind, i.e. treating it as part of the University of Life, then to gain a trade will mean that most of your 4 years will be spent training and trade training. Time at unit or on ops will be relatively short.

    Many young sappers are joining Military Survey, spending years trade training, serving their time bar then getting out to a well paid job. It's well worth consideration. PM me for specifics.
  13. And lets not forget trade pay.... I've heard a ruomour that the average class 1 sapper earns about the same as a 87year increment Infantry WO1....:)
  15. Did you see the now deleted post by scousesoldier?

    Insert prior to my post.

    As a reply, probably because the only things mongs of that particular calibre can do is stack shelves at Tescos.