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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by martin88, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. i was wondering if anyone could help me im about to start training for the army within the next 4months can any one give me any advice thanks
  2. Yep - here you go!

    Do as you are told,
    remember the devil is in the detail,
    always give it 110%,
    remember you wanted to join we didn't make you so hack it,
    don't wimp out on anything we know when you are and your not the first or last
    keep off the biff chits no one likes carrying a sicky in the squad
    Remember once you complete phase 1 and 2 training you are still not a bloody expert that will come with years of training and experience.

    When times are hard look around there is always someone worse off than you - and if not its time to reconsider your chioce of career!

    Remember that and you will be fine.

    Good luck mate - whatever happens you always look on your hardest times in life with fondness - after the event! :)

  3. good advice bad maths 110%
  4. The Army always expects you to give 110% - 100% is just wimpish! :)
  5. still bad maths
  6. eras open
    mouth shut( no matter what the say, if theyre wrong or not)
    dont answer back EVER or theyll rip your bollokcs off
    remember to turn up, always shoot in the same directiona s everyone else (otherwise you'll quickly become unpopular)
    never ever slack off, and it egts easier after phase 2
    one last thing....
    DON'T QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Glad you worked that out on your 12 fingers! Whats 10% between friends (been saying the same to the missus for years!)

    You really are confusing me with someone who gives a shite

    The young lad asked for advice and thats what he got :)

  8. No bad maths from me, that's why I only give 90%.
  9. No bad maths from me, that's why I only give 90%.
  10. i usually try for 75% not too little, not to much ( i don't look like an ass licker)
    works out fine
  11. Good answers so far, guys!


    Immerse yourself in this site and use the search function. Plenty of other recruits have asked the same question.

    Once you have completed some research, ask specific questions and we can give you specific answers!

    Just remember that life is about to become much harder that you have experienced so far! Stick with it!

    Oh, and start running. Gently.

  12. Expect to be fcuked about from pillar to post for no apperent reason don't question why it just happens it's nothing personal be everywere 5 mins early. Dont try and be a smart arse either. If you can buy a cheap set of combats from a surplus store and practice ironing them....mummys not going to be with you try things like learning to wash your clothes& sew as well...... And just be yourself dont try and be something your not
  13. Army! Be the best.

    Errrrrr where have I heard that before?????
  14. Yea, shame Gerrard and Gallagher were not as pathetic at taking penalties against us in the FA Cup final. :cry:
  15. Gallagher, is that the bloke who used to make cigarettes, i think you meen Caragher.