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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hoppo, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. ok got 2 questions which i hope you guys can help me with

    1) is anyone going to selection on the 10th of august at litchfield i think it is

    2) i have selection in two days and i have picked up an injury to the side of my stomach after i did my 1.5 m run. i have no idea how i got it as when i got back home i was fine then after i woke up the following morrning it hit me. its strange as i cant feel it when im just walking around but when i try to run it kicks in that and it has restricted me from breaving heavily.what can i do to help recover before selection ???
  2. Dont know how to solve it mate but maybe you should ask to delay going to adsc until it has cleared, you dont want an injury affecting your performance and not doing as well as you normally could
  3. Whats your 1.5 mile run time? what job are you going for?

    With all due respect if you are honestly injured then postpone it that way 1. you can get better and not feck selection up and only have to return and 2. with all due respect you should have phoned the careers office up and told them because not only have you injured yourself you have also just cost someone else the chance to take your place e.g. ME............................Although if your not injured grow a set and stop bitchin about the stitch you feel and just get on with the task in hand!!
  4. Did you warm up & warm down ? ....ah
  5. i would but our office is closed saturday & sunday so i cant get in touch with them till monday and thats the day i go =s
  6. yep every time
  7. Refer to point two of my last, that was when I realised that you had fecked someone else over, whats the answers to my question chap!
  8. just to let you know that its not stitch , its affected my breathing now , as i said i cant breave deeply even when im at home. mate im not looking for someone to kick me up the ass and tell me to get on with it because i have no problem with motivation my problem is that i have picked up an injury and was seeking help with it as it will affect my fitness level at selection
  9. Try might get an online recruiter, to log it

    but dont just not turn up , go regardless if you cant inform anyone
  10. This isn't a kick *********** chap you've took the piss and you didn't listen to your body, do you smoke?

    Defer yourself on monday as soon as possible and get on a later date, as much as it pisses me off to see a spot go you might aswell make sure you don't get binned at the last hurdle otherwise you will have a long wait matey. Be careful in future.
  11. no i dont smoke never have
    sorry to have pissed you off mate its just im not sure if i will be able to do the entire 2 days at 100% i may pass as when i went for my run i got 11:05 this post wasnt to ask if i should quit it was to see if there was anything i could do to reduce the the pain i get when i run and if there was anyway to help my restricted breathing i know myself to ring them up if i cant go but its too late now as they are closed please if you have any advice medically please say so if not, thank you for your advice and also how have i taken the piss i said i went for my run (yesterday) and i felt fine it was the morrning after (today) that it hit me, if i was in pain when i was running i would have stopped.
  12. i think people are forgetting that in basic they make you fit! thats what instructors and PTI's are for! as long as you give 100% hoppo thats fine! give 110% and you will reap the rewards!!
  13. Id say go either way mate and let them know that your in pain when you arrive, otherwise bite your lip and put up with it, you dont run till the 2nd day so you might be fine by the time you get to it, have you had your appendix removed?

    Sorry to hear this mate, hope u manage to put in a good performance :)
  14. no i havnt it just seems to have came from nowhere :? and cheers Punk
  15. could it be an appendicitus? dont know if thats right but maybe you should call NHS direct?