any advice would be nice

afternoon people
i just found this site and had a few questions im on the 27th of feb im starting my training at pirbright and was wondering anyone had any tips on getting through it in once pice and what to expect how to act when i get there it sounds like a nightmare from the book they gave me at lichfield everyones been telling me itll be really rough any info would be cool
Yogi b
Give 100% in everything. Keep your mouth shut unless spoken too. Do everything quickly. Don't worry, it's not that bad and the time will fly past.

Oh and don't forget, Gunners, Gunners, Gunners...............
Itll be shite at the time but as with most thing youll look back on it and remember what a laugh it was.
There is bound to be people in your intake who love the attention or cant keep their mouths shut, they will deflect most of the flack.
Enjoy it, its the start of a new life.
Keep yourself and kit clean,and don't have a chip on your shoulder,listen to people and accept that sometimes other people know better,and everything they teach you has a purpose,well most of it anyway, good luck and it will fly by


There is a fat Scottish ginger Cpl there with the catch phrase “I’M GONNA FUKING DESTROY YOU!!!!!”, you’ll know who I’m talking about if you meet him.

Tell him I said hi :D

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