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So I'm in week 14 and just about to pass out before moving onto "Larkatraz". I'm still not sure on what regiment to go for. I want to go 29, but at the same time, I'm wondering if it's worth spending a few years in another regiment then go for the AACC.

It's not so much the fitness I'm worried about, as I have a decent level already. It's more about the exercises, I heard you have to learn how to clean your rifle under your bivvy bags at night! Anyone who has done the course recently, I would appreciate some insight on how much of a challenge it is to pass.

I'm also prepared for any flack coming my way, but also holding out hope that there may be at least one or two genuine responses offering advice.

I've been out 30 yrs so I'm out of touch how things work these days. I would suggest you go to a Field Regt where you can find out more and make your decision at your leisure. In the meantime keep up the fitness, it's very easy to become unfit and twice as hard to regain.


Yeah I was thinking going FST for a field regiment, and improve my field craft skills, then attempt the AACC. The challenge with that is losing fitness levels, as you're not going to get beasted six times a week like you would at Larkhill.
There is nothing wrong in setting up your own training regimen to keep to the standard you want. That's how any individual who intends to go into a SF role does it.


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I can't comment on the current pre-AACC beat-up, or whatever it's called these days, as it's now almost 30 years since I did it. From talking to people it's become a lot more 'scientific' since Citadel/Seaton/Lympstone of my days although I'm sure the Lympstone stage hasn't changed that much.

However, what I would say is if you really want to go to 29 then you want to go to 29 - what you need is the hunger/desire to keep you going to pass the course when you're threaders. Nothing should stand in the way of that so there is nothing to be gained by a nig going to another regiment first.

If your main concern is cleaning your weapon under a bivvi at night then you're probably not what they're looking for.


I really don't understand how lads are still failing basic fitness tests at unit after all the phys you do at training. Lots of the lads in my troop that just passed out were still failing PFA's in the final week after 14 weeks of regular training.

Although, after 10-17 weeks of specialist specialist PT at Larkhill, barring any injuries, I'm not sure how you'd not be getting a PFA time of under 10 minutes at least!

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