Any advice regarding the TA CIC Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKChrisT, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. I have recently received my instructions for CMS(R) TA Phase 1C / CIC apart from obviously being physically fit and dedicated what else can I do in preparation before my course?

    Any advice, or useful tips from those who have already been?

    Outline is;

    Week 1

    Risk Reduction Run 1.5 mile 13 minutes
    BCFT 4 mile 15kg
    Battle Lessons / Battle Exercises
    Intro Exercise
    Ranges APWT

    Week 2

    Bayonet Fighting
    Final Exercise
    BCFT 6 mile 20kg, weapon and helmet
    Muster Parade
  2. Go with a positive attitude, ready to take some shit. Make sure your squared away on WHT and PFT cos if u fail them its RTU. Be prepared for tabbing...get hill walking if ur not used to it already. Other than that no prob.
  3. I have done a few hill walks around my local area there not exactly big but I suppose it'll do.

    WHT shouldn't be a problem, my unit has layed on some practice lessons a few weeks before I go (Immediate action drills,wind direction etc) that kind of stuff...

    I have also just squared my kit insurance away as well
  4. Your key question is about preperation, I noticed that just a I was about to dive in to some cock-eyed pep talk!

    Some of the things our platoon commander quickly got a bee in his bonnet about was our lack of fieldcraft knowledge, hand signals, patrolling skills etc. Most of it will be there in your phase 1 notes - swot up on all of them just to make sure. Then if you generally haven't been taught something then you'll know about it when they start gobbing off "Don't the ******* TA teach you snap ambushes, about harbour areas etc etc...".

    I think if you're the sort of person that has "kit insurance" covered I think you'll be squared away on most things! Far too keen in my opinion... gimp! :D

    (On a serious note, I'm assuming you're insuring your own kit, which sets alarm bells ringing because you shouldn't be taking much self bought kit with you, apart from the usual niff naff. Anything big and expensive won't be allowed on the course anyway).
  5. To be honest, I personally thought we never had enough time for fieldcraft especially as it's a big part of Army life. I will have a look through my phase 1 handout.

    I know we're not allowed kit brought ourselves on CIC, and that's been cleared away also. I'm taking my softie that's about it.

    Kit insurance, I was recommended to get by our platoon sgt, I suppose it's handy though expecially as we have annual camp coming up too which I am attending.

    Cheers for the comment mate, if you know of anything else which may be of some help please say (Y)
  6. we lost over half the course on our CIC phase, don't be one of the jackers who do the walk of shame which is the pretend limp to the minibus.

    Very few will be told to go home, most leave of their own accord.
  7. Fieldcraft is not taught in any detail on the current CSMR (TA ) syllabus - much as we'd like to instruct it - and patrol skills likewise so its a bit unfair to criticise on that account.

    Get fit, make sure your boots are comfy and ensure you draw an L1AI humour, sense of.

    Your RTC should be able to give tips.

  8. The fieldcraft and patrolling points have been raised many times here and elsewhere, and forever will be. Simply a case of 42 weeks into 4 and-a-bit does not go.
  9. If you have a choice of dates avoid febuary its a pretty grim introduction
    to soldiering .Though if you do things can only get better .
  10. Hi

    I have my Part 1B and 1C coming up very soon. I'm from a national unit, which I havent even met yet, so I dont have the unit training/support that most have.

    2 bone questions...

    1) Do you have to wear issue boots at 1B and 1C (I've previously served and therefore have a pair I'd prefer to wear).

    2) Is the press up/sit up element of the PFT pass or fail? The PTI at Part 1A said it was best effort, but MATTS qoutes a minimum.

  11. People have been RTUd for failing the pft so START SPARKING!

    Re boots; take both pairs; it depends on the particular DS and some are happy that you wear what you ant in the field - but you may not have that DS...
  12. Hi mate

    without sounding daft, what is WHT?


  13. And you're worried about pass/ fail on sit ups? FFS!
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    We've really got to square this circle don't we? I know the RTC thread was pretty much a slanging-fest, but amongst all the vitriol a number of good points were raised as in the thread on teaching section attacks. Maybe the latest TA review will lead to a longer (even if by a weekend or two) and ore robust Phase 1.

    Weapon Handling Test. You will be tested on the SA 80 the first day, along with the Personal Fitness Test.
  15. Jees, another one...FFS ??