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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Taff49, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. ... buying a bayonet?

    Now, this might sound a little strange but I am after a bayonet that I want to convert to use as a gear-shifter in my car (yes, really. It will get machined down to fit into a clamp arrangement and then fitted to my hobby car to use as a gear selecter)

    To that end, I am looking for a bayonet of some sort, prefer wood handle, need to be at least 12 inch long and much have a handle of some sort (as opposed to a folding AK-style one)

    any suggestions? or leads?

    Mods, not strictly weapons,equipment & rations I know, but didn't seem to fit anywhere else?
  2. WAH shields to max . Deck chair and Popcorn to standby . Wait , Out.
  3. You'll have it pointy end upwards I presume? Should be able to nick your artery while retuning your radio then
  4. Taff, check PMs
  5. Place to buy sharp things...

    Recommend using a metal sheath for the attachment, leaving the bayonet usable.

    And if it is a truck with a floor shift.. then a kukri can't be beat.
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  6. How about International Military Antiques? They have loads of both repro and original bayonets so you don't have to destroy an original bayonet.

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  7. Are you driving the NAAFI Murder Bus?
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  8. Constable Knacker wil have a field day when he spots that during a routine stop. You get pulled up for no brake light, plod will spot it and next thing you know you'll be staring down the barrels of a dozen H&Ks as CO19 surround your car. Then just as you go to put your car in 'N' your head will spread itself around the inside of your car.
  9. As long as its on YouTube that would be an acceptable casualty rate IMO
  10. Sounds reasonable to me. I've refashioned an Oriental dagger into a handle for my electric kettle; a Claymore with a square of steel bolted to the end makes a useful shovel; a dozen babies' skulls make a great set of port glasses. You can buy them all from
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  11. A bit noisy and you can only use it once...
  12. Excavates wonderfully though.
  13. previously seen pistol grips, grenades and samurai swords used. So I fancied a bayonet.

    Cheers for that linky, putees

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