Any Advice on the best way to resign at the IPP?

Hi all

I'm considering leaving my Reg C at the Initial Pension Point. Trouble is, getting any advice is tricky if one doesn't want to show one's hand too early!

Does anyone have any advice to give on:

1. How much notice I really have to give? (I heard anecdotally of some Signals Lt Cols who gave 28 days' notice as that was all that was required under european law) - the less notice the better, as I get my extra pay chopped on PVR, so 7 or 12 months would be a financial headache.

2. To whom do I write to give the good news? Any advice on letter format?

3. With regard to the posting plot, when is the best time to do it? Looking into the future, my last full tour will end about a year before 37, so is there an optimum point to do it without making myself a pain in the arse for MCM?

4. Is there any chance that if I give, say, 7 months' notice prior to my IPP date, that they would let me go (ie kick me out) early and therefore forfeit my pension? (you never know!) Should I therefore leave resigning until after my IPP date has passed?

5. Any and all other advice will be gratefully received.

The basic concept of ops is to get out with minimal hassle and cost to myself, but also without pi$$ing off MCM and my Corps who I have no bone to pick with at all. I'm not averse totally to causing annoyance, but an amicable separation is always preferable (mind you, it'd be a first for me come to think of it).

Thanks for taking the time to help someone who's glad it's (almost) all over.
As no-one else has had a go!.........

In no particular order, I suggest:

A Lt Col can resign quickly because he will have passed the 16 year point. And there will be plenty of volunteers to fill his place!

I may be out of date but I think AGAI Vol 2 Chap 38 tells you how to resign your commission. I haven't checked since I returned from Telic! A courteous letter to both your CO and desk officer might smooth your path to freedom. Don't put their noses out of joint as you might need their help at some point!

Why on earth would you get this far and want to forfeit your pension? Do the 16 years, grab the pension and run! If that means that you sign off 7 months before the IPP, ce la vie!

Talk to your desk officer about staying in the final job for the whole period; you get stability, some resettlement and he fills the job for three years. However, if you expose your cards, you might get a crap job! But that might not be a bad thing if your life goals have changed....

thanks for the advice - sorry, when I said "let me go" I meant as in "kick my aarse out the door thereby forfeiting my pension involuntarily!"

No WAY would I want that to happen you see - I'm worried in case it could! First post edited for clarity

thanks for the AGAIs pointer

Your Question 4 - this depends on how well you know (personally)/get on with your CO. Your post here suggests that you aren't particularly en vogue with him and perhaps not comfortable discussing options with him. If all this is correct (and highly presumptious of me I know), then surely the best advice is to leave any question of PVR until your IPP is safely in the past.

As far as I can remember, AGAI 38 is the authority on detail/timings etc, however, it definitely includes caveats to release early (in under 7 months) if this is 'in the interests of the Service'. Since the Service's interests (as interpretted by politicians/civil servants) are apparently best served at the moment by saving money wherever possible, don't give them the option.

At the end of the day, even if you get on like a house on fire with both your CO and MCM Desk Offr, and are able to approach them in an adult manner to discuss this issue sensibly ahead of time, work out a plan that suits you all and ensures you get to your IPP, the ARB (who are the final arbiters) may see things differently. As regards not annoying your MCM Div by buggering their postings plot, if every one was as magnanimous as you, no one would ever leave! (We're all programmed ahead at least 1 posting!)
I do recall that there is a paragraph in the resignation proforma, which you can tick to confirm that you are taking the 16 year IPP opportunity. You are therefore tendering your resignation on the proviso that you will continue to serve until the 16 year point minus any resettlement leave and annual leave entitlement. I would give the full 1 year notice, tick the box that says 16 year IPP on the resignation form and then serve about another 6-7 months before departing. My knowledge of MCMs suggests that there is no chance that they would tender your resignation before the ARB on any other understanding than your intention to leave at the IPP. To do so would leave them wide open for legal challenge.

Good luck.