Any advice on employment law???

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Moodybitch, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Ok, bit long winded but here goes;

    In Oct 2008 I started a job for a publishing house, working on a poorly performing trade magazine within it's ad sales team.

    There are three staff working on this publication, me, my line manager and one other colleague.

    My colleague and I work within a "letter split". She sells into and account handles companies that fall into one part of the alphabet, I do the other.

    This colleague is a persistant underachiever, has had 29 unauthorised absenses so far this year alone and is generally a fcukwit. However, she is good friends with my line manager.

    In January this year I won an account with a global client, the revenue of which accounts for 13% of our annual revenue for the publication. The client did not fall under my "letter split", but my line manager asked me to pitch for the business as it was deemed I would succeed where my colleague would fail to win the account.

    I have retained this client up until now. My line manager has recently had to acknowledge that my colleagues revenue input so far this year equates to 15%, mine equates to 59%.

    When my colleague was given a kick ***********, we had screaming abdabs from her and line manager has now given her the account and subsequent revenue stream. However, to "accomodate" this, she has increased my colleagues monthly target by 25%, but the account will bring her 35% extra revenue per month?! So her target has actually gone down, yet I now have to find the deficit to meet mine.

    I raised this as an informal grievance with my line manager, as I wasn't even told about this until today. The matter was not resolved.

    Being unhappy with this, I asked to see the company handbook detailing grievance procedures (I have never been given a contract, written employment particulars or a copy of grievance procedures).

    This was refused. I asked to speak to someone in HR, this was refused. I asked when i could have a copy of it and was told if I had to see copies i have to wait until the end of the month and if I didn't want to wait to talk to another line manager, as we don't have an HR.

    How can I follow procedure when I have never been given any employment documents and they refuse to supply when I request in writing?

    Can anyone advise what the heck my rights are, as to be honest I've never worked for such a tin-pot outfit and am shocked that I am unable to exercise basic requests from them.

    Sorry this is so fricking long winded, but I'm just trying to include all the factors that may influence any rights I have. Because quite frankly, I think I'm getting shafted, in both the undermining of my hard work and also in their conduct when i raise a reasonable grievance.

    Can anyone advise?????
  2. Sorry, I have read it now, basically the wuckfit is benefitting financially from your initial hard work?
  3. My first bit of legal advice would be never to ask for or take legal advice from people who, like me, are not qualified to give it. Get a proper employment law solicitor onto this. A letter from a solictor pointing out the relevant laws your employer is obliged to comply with should do the trick.

    Only communicate with your employers on this matter in writing, and keep copies of all of it. Put the words "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" prominently at the top of all communications.

    Good luck sorting them out.

    All the best,

  4. I recommend that you contact ACAS on 08457 47 47 47 or look at their website
    ACAS offer free employment law advice. I have used them in the past and they were helpful.
  5. I would agree with this point, especially as I am training to be a lawyer myself and so I often have people coming in to my office having been given the wrong advice from various sources!. ACAS are a good source of information though should you not want to go down the lawyer route yet.
  6. yeah, I intend to call ACAS tomorrrow, was just hoping someone would be able to clarify if my employers are fcukwits or if they are well within their rights to shaft me.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Is this job better than having no job at all?
  8. Is you a girl?
  9. If I want to go back to travelling to London every day I can easily get a new job. I chose this job so I could get rid of the commute and spend more time with my child. So it's not a case of having to lump it.

    Yes, why?
  10. i think you should storm the office !! windmilling as you go and tell em who is boss!!!

    but say sorry afterwards! and ask "which civvie is hard enough to take me on as my line boss!"
  11. Hi,

    How big is the organisation you work for ?
    If you were never given a contract of employment that really does fall in your favour ( ie they are not doing there bit propderly)
    Unusual for an organisation not to have an HR handbook/guide however big/small ( fobbing you off due to said line manager and lazy bint being pally pally maybe?)
    I,m no guru on these matters but do run dept of 15 staff so try and keep up to date ( although difficult!)
    As someone else has already said do give acas a call, i would give CAB a miss as they are bogged down dealing with peoples debt problems.
    Keep us posted i,m always interested in these things and good luck !

    Kind regards,

  12. Thats why someone already said dont rely on people who post without knowledge.
    CAB are multifacet org. debt has its advisors, as do legal workers, benefit workers etc. CAB are at least worth checking out if no success elsewhere
  13. They have approx between 30-40 staff, but all set in small teams of 2-5 people working different publications.

    It's quite an antiquated (sp?) company so I think they assumed they would get away with fobbing me off.

    Will speak to ACAS tomorrow and let you know.
  14. taken from Official gov employment site
    may be more helpful, info there as well MB