Any advice on contractor in Afghan

Have a few friends who have been working out there for a year. I think two of them were offered a large salary to owrk for them. Have been with them a few months and thinking of leaving them and going back to their previous employer, so that must say something.
no idea - will e mail my mate and ask him what he knows
Just found out that supreme are the contractor providing food services in kandahar, CTC are a totally different contractor who provide quality assurance and monitor and audit supreme.
My mates work for CADG, just sent him an e mail but not sure when I will get a reply
Just got an e mail back - they have gone to KBR on about 100,000 $
the yank company I was thinking about is KBR but it as a british section, which is almost miltary in its set up

There was a previous post here about them somewhere.

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