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Any advice from PTIs out there?


Am joining RAMC next year as an MO (specialist Anaesthetist). I am 33 and average fitness after 10 yrs in the NHS. Looking for advice on a 6 month plan to dramatically improve my cv fitness and upper body strength. Whilst I accept that the fitness level required for my position as a Doc may not be that great I have an ambition to join 16 Close Support Med Rgt as this would fulfill my interests in Trauma Care. Obviously this will entail P-Coy.

As a background I am 6'4", 15 stone, BMI 24.9 ish. Regular exercise involves scuba diving, a weekly trip to a climbing wall, and the gym twice a week. Never been a natural runner and I know this is something I need to improve! Unable to plan each week in advance because of pressures of work so I fit things in around.

Any tips or suggestions?

With regards to the running should I aim for distance or time at first? And what would be a good start for a novice runner?

Also should I work with body weight at first (press-ups, etc) and leave the weights for a while?

Please any advice would be appreciated.


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