Any advice for an 18 year old twig looking to put a bit more weight on?I

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by alex965, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Evenin' all. Basically, I'm 18, in the process of joining the TA. I'm skinny as a rake and always have been, used to assume that I just had a fast metabolism until about 5 months ago when I realised that I wasn't eating enough calories. Just with a bit of cardio and bodyweight exercises I have managed to go from being 9 stone 3 pounds at 5'11 tall to 10 stone and 1 pound. Unsurprisingly, I'm still fairly skinny but I'm now just out of the "holocaust victim" end of the BMI and onto the bottom of healthy weight. My fitness levels are already pretty much enough to pass selection but I still feel like I want to do the best I possibly can.

    Obviously I know that doing weights would help but I know f/a about what exercises would be good. Heard something about sticking to compound movements to build mass etc. Just wondering if anyone that actually knows this stuff could steer me in the right direction. Also would it be a good idea to focus more on short, quick runs and fartleck/interval training as opposed to longer and slower runs which I do now? (Obviously I'll need to do the odd long distance). My problem is that I'm skinny as hell so I find it hard to run short distances fast, whereas I can go for miles and miles at 60% effort without many issues. Ah, and what about weighted runs/walks/hikes or whatever? Would they be any good?

    Cheers everyone
  2. I used to be the same mate. At 18 I was 9.5 stone, I'm now 14.5 but still able to do my 1.5 in sub 9.30.

    Eat and eat until you feel sick and then eat again. Breakfast is key and should be packed full of several dishes: porridge; eggs; fruit; cereal etc is good. Snack until lunch, things like meat sandwhiches or wraps (wholemeal is always good but not essential if you cant hack the taste). Lunch should be something decent like a pasta sald etc. Snack again in the afternoon. Dinner should be a big meal packed with carbs and protein and then snack again before bed. Get your diet sorted and things will pick up.

    Supplements will also help but don;t buy into the pricest.flashiest/best sounding one! A decent protein shake used after your work out and as snack during the say will help. is the best and cheapest in my opinion (try the Hurricane XS).

    With regards to training, you're right about compound movements. Squats, Deadlifts, Military Press, Bench Press and Power Cleans are some of the best. At your weight don't worry about doing split set training. hit the gym 2/3 times a week and do an all body work out. Get a knowledgeable mate or PT to teach you proper form as this will not only prevent injury but also improve your gains.

    Plus, now you're 18 you'll be on the piss more and eating more takeaways which will help! Keep up your cardio and body weight exercises (Dips, heaves and proper pull ups) to ensure you stay lean. It took me about 2 years to go from 9 to 14 stone and I don't proclaim to be a gym freak at all . At 5ft 11'' aim to be about 12 stone by October and you won't be goign to far wrong!
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  3. Google, Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. A program that does what it says on the tin; it's designed to help beginners gain weight and strength. The only problem is that you are Squatting heavy at least twice a week, which can make it difficult to recover when you are also doing a lot of running. But you can still use the program until you stall - by which time you should have increased both your bodyweight and strength - before switching to another program like Wendler's 5/3/1.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks alot :) I'll take on board what you said. I've been slipping on my breakfasts recently and only having a small one but I'm deffo gonna start eating a proper one again. I went from eating nothing for breakfast to having a massive bowl of porridge, bannana, and apple and a tin of beans on two slices of toast. Oh and I put nuts and raisins in the porridge lol worked out in total at about 900 calories+ I've already got some weights in the house but I'm going to try and find someone that knows what they're talking about to directly teach me proper form. And I'll keep on the bodyweight movements. Thanks again
  5. You don't need supplements kids you need food.
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  6. So while we're on the subject of food, has anyone got any suggestions for cheap, calorie dense food with carbs and protein? I know the obvious ones like beans, porridge and tuna but eating the same few foods gets boring after a while. Maybe I should just eat some MTFU? lol
  7. I forget to mention pasta a.k.a the backbone of my calorie intake
  9. Thanks, just reading through it now.
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  10. I'm in a similar boat and start phase 1 in sept. I live at home but always buy my own food to try to get a decent intake. I eat a lot of chicken breast, tuna or any fish really, potato, rice and isn't particularly tasty after the 10th time but it will certainly help gain some lbs. Make sure you snack often as well, whenever you're a little hungry have something to eat.
  11. Joining the TA will help with your weight gain.
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  12. If you do get protein shakes, dont bother with the bulking ones; they are just whey powder watered down with carbs. You can get the carbs for a fraction of the price by scoffing a load of pasta/bread or whatever, with ordinary whey protein.

    Milk and peanut butter are also good sources of protein.
  13. Back in the day before you were a spunk bubble I was like you. Until I was about 26 years old I weighed no more than a consistent 150 lbs ate everything in sight at every meal and never gained any weight. I was also as fit as ****, never a sprinter but could walk and run all day long. Build up your stamina by endurance training and your back legs and thigh muscles. Eat sensibly but regularly. If you can lie down do so and rest, sit upright at rest but rest when you can and keep a good posture. Avoid road runs for too long distance it screws up your joints but above all endurance and stamina is the key and a good diet. If you are going to drink alcohol have a good drink then leave it alone for a few days. Dont smoke its lethal. Swim as much as you can. Dont worry about your weight and **** the supplements a good wholesome diet of good balance is what you need.

    Old twats spelling
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  14. Sound thanks, this all makes alot of sense. Speaking of smoking I smoked lightly for three years. Not proud of it and it's a pain in the arrse to give up but in the last five months I've smoked ten fags. I know it fecks your health up and plays havoc with your metabolism so I'm determined to completely knock it on the head before I just get more addicted. Pain in the arse when you live with two other people that smoke in the house :/ F/a I can do though as it's not me paying the bills. Will get right on stuffing my face with immediate effect :D One more question though, let's say I go running three times a week, e.g 1 endurance run, one fartleck, and then maybe one 1.5 miler- and doing bodyweight exercises on those run days, when should I do weight training? Should I do it on run days or do one day running/cardio and then one day weight training? Really don't have a clue here and the last thing I need is to pick up injuries because I was being a knob with it.

    Cheers, Alex
  15. Food is boring if you don't know how to cook, get some cookery books. Add chillies, herbs, curry, spices, experiment a bit. Make your own low fat burgers, kebabs, use low fat craime fraiche for sauces and curry's. It gets boring if you eat boring stuff.
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