Any AD gurus that can help

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by roseandpose, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Quick question - With regard to Rapier, have the RA now taken over the control of this equipment from the RAF Regt, or are you both equipped with them.

    One more - Medium and High level AD:- is this privided by the US in the form of Patriot, or do we own our own M/HLAD?

  2. 16 Regt will be taking over the complete GBAD role in the very near future. That will mean there are only 4 batteries of Rapier available for in country and theatre AD. The UK has no Medium to High level AD assets. (Oh oh I am starting to sound like a manual!)
  3. Not strictly true, depending on what you class as AD. If pure GBAD then is true.

    At the moment the UK only has VSHORAD and SHORAD (very short range and short range AD). HVM is pump against crossing targets, and has a ceiling of 1km IIRC (max range of about 4-5km), while Rapier has a max coverage of an umbrella of about 8km (cannot hit targets at 8km or higher though).

    Our medium to high level AD is provided by the glorious boys and the flying machines of Crab Air. In the event of a big bust up, the cloggies are supposed to provide HAWK for medium level AD and the US gives Patriot.

    So the answer for any budding terrorist is to steal a plane and come in from obove 10,000m.

    Luckily there is no chance of that? Or of some nasty flareup escalating whereby johnny foriegner gets "given" some jets from Iran or some other cr@phole. The jets do not have to be very modern to be extremely effective politically.

    Still, we could always send in another Harrier what?
  4. I was flicking through a mates Combat and Survival magazine (this months) the other day and there was an article about this but I didn't read it in depth, if your interested it might be worth getting a copy.
  5. all AD should be disbanded the bunch of cloud punching gays
  6. You still here you cnut? I had hoped that you had been involved in a nasty accident with an industrial shredder.

    So no AD required? There is a strong case to give it to the TA, but you must be as thick as you write if you believe that there is no requirement for AD.

    Now do the world a favour and slit your own throat.
  7. Dread

    Thanks for the correction to my post. Very informative. In addition, I agree to your comments regarding sniffle-snaffle.
  8. when was the last time AD was ever fired in anger in any recent conflicts
  9. Gulf War 1 and Falklands
  10. Tracked rapier went to the Gulf W1,12 REG I think,mostly saw them towed behind a REME foden recovery truck,something to do with their track mileage I was told.

    Hezbollah had a go ,but with little or no success

    I agree with Dread,ss your a bit of a c**t
  11. In no way am I an AD guru,Gunbunny born and bred.Just so you know!!
  12. Having worked at the Air Warfare Centre for a while, I suspect the collective wisdom from the gurus on the top floor was that AD is simply not required, for any conflict the UK commits to will be alongside our US 'colleagues'. The presumption being that we will share air superiority!

    A crock of sh1t though methinks - so don't shoot the messenger!
  13. gulf war one it was deployed, as far as being fired my arse was it, because 10 bty attached to 40 regiment got the abuse the c*cks deserved
  14. HVM SP went on Telic 1, although they were all parked up next to the Hospital in Kuwait and the lads did POW handling.
  15. parked up, but did they fire at anything