Any Accreditation Officers on here?

I need help, I'm trying to get an LCGI in Training and Development through C+G. The application process is currently on hold, because they require a copy of my full award for Level 3 qualification in the Learning and Development field. They also require proof on a letter headed paper from my employer of my 5 years experience in this field.
Now the letter isn't an issue, its just the civvy certificate I need for a level 3 qual. According to others I've asked, on here and at work, I can accredit a couple of my mil instructor quals and time spent as a Schools Instr. What paperwork do I need for this, and where do I send off for it to?
I was given a number for a lady in Paderborn who deals with PTLLS and CTLLS, but she must've left because the number is now re-assigned. I can't get hold of any one now because they've all gone home for Chrimble, so any help offered would be great. Cheers
Difficult to get help right now but try your local TA regional Training centre, I think they know about PtllS etc in connection with MOI courses.

Otherwise, contact your capbadge trg Devel team when they get back.
Many thanks, I'm serving overseas at the mo, and its my capbadge that I can't get the information from. But I will ring a TA centre at home. Cheers

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