Any 654 sqn, falklands `83?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ANGRYOFWATTISHAM, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. thought i would bring an old and steady thread to the boards.
    i am actually still serving, and glad to be so............

    wondering if any of the `83 tour are either still in or still alive?
  2. Me.
    Was trip we lost the Lynx.
  3. Was 654 until January when I was posted to 659

    I am the wally (geddit) who went to the looney bins, first in Munster and then Ward 5.

    Please don't tell me Your name is Trevor :lol:
  4. Eh ya not the guy who the Kruats cops picked up down Detters one morning are you ?
    Hero worship.
  5. Sorry, not qualified to take part perhaps, but John Belt and Roger Jones are remembered by people from the other Sqns in Detmold.
  6. lost the linx with JB and a sgt whos name slips the memory, sad time
  7. Roger Jones thanks
  8. Bad business with JB and RJ.
    I was waiting for their cab to land over in West Falkland the night they went missing.
    We where living on the MV Carato which had a heli deck built on the front. We stayed ashore with the refueling rigs as we knew they would be short of fuel, until the ships Captain requested us back on board due to deteriorating weather, bad with low cloud.
    The senior officer of the Court of Inquirey was not happy when I pointed out the place on surrounding hills where cloud level was that night.
    Day before flight JB had landed for fuel and we made him a compo meal, he was tired then, our Boss ran a tough sqn, all as part of the Falklands Defence Exercise. After a brew and a chat he said he wanted to go photograph the Sealions, evil beasts, on a small island in the bay, we flew out and he shot his photos with the Olympus he had secured around his leg, The securing of the camera was to be a feature of the court inquirey weeks later.
    Took 7 days to find the cab altho we found wreckage washed ashore next day but one, Navy ship had to use 'sonar' and then sent divers down who found the crew still strapped in their seats.
    Really put doom and gloom on the Sqn, two popular guys gone spoiled the whole trip.
    Clod as I think you know the comment by your OC when he brought us back from his sqns trip 12 months later was perhaps the final straw in my hatred for him.
    PS on a lighter note Sven needs encourageing to tell, he has too be who my memory says he is, mind you I thought his SSM was Geordei and not ar Trev, who I first met as MT cpl in Minden 685 say 1976 and last met as Ord Officer brand new lewy at Wallop in 87 ?
  9. Jon, what was the cause of the crash?
  10. Phew !
    To the best of my memory and I am prepared to be corrected,
    "They where flying at max speed at low level, just above water and it was considered that something ( a specific local bird species) caused a distraction which caused a quick control imput and this resulted in the aircraft hitting the water."

    Memory says
    At the time with the fuel decleared when they lifted off from a Fleet auxilary and with what is know of their route.
    They did attempt to get to our location over land but where flying up a valley that was taking them into cloud, they where 'Heard' by a local farmer. They then had to follow the coast round to our location in Waler Bay. I calculated their distance against know fuel and before Court of Inquirey I was of the opinion they had run out of fuel while flat out on the deck. Rolls stripped both engines and said that both where at full power at time of impact, so I was wrong there. But they would have been running on fumes, max speed to cover max distance.
    The weather was bad with intermittent rain storms and very low cloud.
    I am sure the inquirey stated that at point of impact they would have been flying into a setting sun and memory says that a Gaz was tasked to fly this part of the route at the apropriate time with court members on board.
    When the 'Tug" with the wreckage on board came along side the M.V. Carato all wanted to see if the 'Control' shaft to the Tail Rotor had sheared. At the time we where doing a three hour inspection by pressureing the hollow control shaft. I know the mech who was tasked with doing the inspection on the wreckage, He later was the pilot who was overhead when the two signallers where murderd in Belfast, and he confirmed in front of the board members who watched this inspection that the shaft was still fully presurised.
    Naturally my self and my lad where not allowed anywhere near the wreckage as we had done the inspection prior to the crash, previous day.
    At a later date I will tell the IN joke on this incident, Roland Rat, but not today as we are being serious.
    JB was Regimental QHI with over 5,000 hrs. A well respected officer who knew the score. The actual report took a long time to appear in print.
    I could add more but really thats PM stuff.
  11. I believe, from fickle memory, that the cab struck the sea at a shallow angle, the front of the skids digging in and the resultant pitch-down caused the underside of the nose to strike the water. The inertia of the rotor disc caused the blades to shear through the front of the cabin. All very sad indeed.
  12. Yes sounds right.
    RJ was not insured and that caused problems aircrew wise and they where said to have died when their hearts ripped away from their internal 'plumbing' and not from any blade damage drastic as that was.
  13. Fekkin sad reliving this accident, I remember the pall it left over the 4 regt Sqns, and us of 664, who had been 4 regt b4 independance.
  14. So The Court of Enquirey sits and call the first witness, 'My Lad' who was last person to carry out a specific Flight Safetey Check under my supervision.
    All very nice and peaceful Full Col as President.
    Now Cpl 'Bob' will you please confirm that at TDG you carried out Si Lx Whatever ?
    Ah the tranquility was ruined destroyed.
    STRIKE THAT FROM THE RECORD. Screams the president, EME take him away and find out just what he's raving about.
    So the FRB who will forever be known as Roland Rat had struck.
  15. Jon

    How many Wallys have there been in 654 during the early eighties. My first SSM was Little Bob who broke his leg coming back to the exercise location pissed on Ex Crusader. Trev replaced him in 1981 and soon turned out to be the bane of my life.

    No I wasn't found by the rozzers downtown Detters, Scouse from 659 climbed over the bath door in the barracks and found me unconscious.

    Didn't realise I was so well thought of until I turned up from Soest on a visit (went to JB and Rog Jones' memorial service- tragic) and was treated to a night out in the corporals mess. Being an Air Trooper, some of You naughty boys got your heands slapped, so I hear