Any 45fd still serving

Ok this is my first post so please be good to me.

is there any one still about who was in 45fd from 84 to 91.

i know of one in his last year at larkhill now, but any one else still knocking about

jc170 said:
Ok this is my first post so please be good to me.

is there any one still about who was in 45fd from 84 to 91.

i know of one in his last year at larkhill now, but any one else still knocking about

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Wont be many from them years still around. I remember Dave Howe i think, geordie bloke, liked diving (the water type) if its him, top man.

I was in 45 in 52 bty untill about 88 ish if its the same Howe he was our BQMS
yea, geordie Howe, i think he was our TSM, took some lads diving in Jordan.
didnt he have something to do with the special op Bty?


Hi, i was 45 Fd Regt from 1988 - dispandment. I was a gunner in 170 Bty and will shortly take over as a BSM in 5th Regt. There are not many still around although i have bumped into a couple over the last couple of years whilst i was serving as a SMIG in Larkhill. (Sean Haynes,chris young,) i dont want to compromise my username by giving you my real name but i was on the Tac Group along with Rushie,Jock Burse etc
REME Att to 170 bty 85-87. Top blokes.
Yes I am still serving and have to agree with MIDAS that there are not many of us left. Had a great ole' chin wag with 'Scouse' in L'hill last year; it was great to go down memory lane. I served in the Regt 1990-1993 and was part of the 170 'mighty 'Imjin' Bty. If I had enough time on my hands I would definitely organise a reunion. Now working in GLA. Hope you are all well.
Hi midas,
ive just got in touch with shaun haines. me, shaun and 'ernie' softley used to be good mates.

i saw jock burse about 10 years ago when he came down to yorkshire to see 'wakey'.

what happened to rushie? top bloke.

there is a 45 reunion every year in april, imjin weekend time in bradford if anyone is intrested i should be able to get details

Hello fellow ex members,
I served with the "mighty Imjin bty"from 81-86 and rejoined the bty 89-dispandment 93.I used 2 hang around with "Oscar,jd,zoony,stan,jc and many more of u.I would like 2 know if the 45 reunion is still ongoing and when and where held.Could anyone let me know please.I am currentley serving at Larkhill,i see scouse,stan,shaun and neil from time 2 time.I leave the army in nov this year.Really chuffed 2 see some old school still kicking around,hope 2 hear from u all again,all the best.

micky t.
All the bast on Patrol on Civvy Street Mick. I served with ya with 25/170 in Colly in Mid 90's Scouse C was ya TSM. Give my best to Osc, Stan and all the other ex 45 lads and get back in touch.
Mickey T - good to hear from you. Didn't know you were in Larkhill. Say hi to the guys down there for me (ask Scouse who I am). Not sure if the reunion is happening this year.

jc170 - do you have any details of the reunion? Also i'm not sure what happened to Rushie - he's probably still driving that camper van of his around Bradford?!

Anyone with further details - they are welcome here. It would be great to get together again.
Hi there

I was Cav (4th/7th RDG) in Detmold and we had Kiwi Bty as our supporting Bty. They came to BATUS with us and all that. Great bunch of guys. I worked in Command Tp and so got to know the BC's Pty quite well and even got invited to their annual KIWI dinner.

I seem to recall that 45 were the West Yorkshire Gunners, we were the West Yorkshire Cavalry.

Quis Separabit
Hi again

just been in touch with Brummie Oakley. hes in touch with Gaz Cleave.
Gaz is trying to find out about this years reunion. as soon as i find out i'll post on to this thread.

nice to here from you mickey T. are you moving back up to the yorkshire area when you demob

Hi all -
First post on this forum, recommended by JC.
Served with the Might Imjin (and Imjin mafia ha ha) from 83 - 91. Seem to remember some of you by what you're talking about. Was on the OP's until I left in 91. This is bringing back some good memories

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