Any 419 baiters out there?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sandy_boots, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Received this today:

    Dear Sandy,

    I hope my e-mail meets you well. I am in need of your assistance. My name is Lt. Col. William Russell of the US Marine here in Ba'qubah, Iraq; we have some amount of money we want to move out of the country. I need a good partner out there, someone we can trust to receive the funds on our behalf.

    We are ready to get the funds across to you probably vie the Bank of Baghdad or thereabout. They do International Transfer. It won't be transferred at once; I will transfer $500,000 per transaction. I will inform you on what to do when I finally transfer the money to you.

    I am giving you all the trust and I believe that with the help of God, we will successfully transfer this money out of Iraq. Also I am optimistic of meeting with you soonest to solidify our relationship.

    Please do not disclose this deal to anybody as to protect my duty with the US Marine; we must keep a low profile at all times. More details as regard the transfer I will get across to you soon as I hear from you.

    I look forward to your reply and co-operation.


    Lt. Col. William Russell
    NOTE: Get back to me my private mail.
  2. 'Solidify our relationship' eh? So exactly what have you been up to???
  3. This Nigerian scam master is clever and devious. Go on, email him.
  4. Send it to
  5. Fcuk their upping their game. Better Spelling/Grammer, all they need to do is remove the hints of God and they got my cheques!
  6. I think it's probably genuine - you're quids in mate.
  7. I almost fell for it, the grammar and spelling is much better than usual! Then I realised that it was written by a supposed US Marine, and he didn't once say "Hoo-Ah!". Blatant fake.
  8. They have also taken to messaging you on social networking sites with a profile of a stunning woman and only one friend. They are supposedly from the US and after a short conversatin, they reveal that they are in fact in Africa visiting their sick mother/granny who has been in an accident. How sad :)
  9. Fcuk me, i'm convinced. Where do i sign?
  10. Does 'Lt Col Williams' have to change his email address everytime he's promoted? :D
  11. USMC ain't in Baquba........