Any 4 armd boys here

Discussion in 'REME' started by TRIPTYCH, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Anyone here from 4 armd in the early 90's
  2. yip,they're few and far between.

    I was there 92-94
  3. Arrr, Detmold, the bop, the bedford at the back gate, the fun with 4 7th. Remember it all so well
  4. 90-93 meself. Fondest memory is the hairdresser who used to do 'extras' if the shop was empty!!! Also remember some clown had his car hit about 7 times in one day 'cause he parked it at the bottom of the hill in the middle of the 'Hak' when the place was 2 ft deep in snow. Surely you would have moved it after the first hit??
  5. I remember turning up in Detmold in 1988 as a fresh-faced young Crafty and being "invited" to drink with the Reccy Mechs in Felix's Bar. What an introduction to Germany!!!
  6. 86 - 90, one of the best postings I ever had.
  7. Optronics Platoon - Jan/Feb 83 to Mar 85
  8. 62 - 65 as a Reccy Mech when our watering hole was The Tyler Club
  9. 87 to 91 although i was in Detters from 85 in Lothian Bks. Great time!
    Moved to Fatties Repair Gang 20 after my class 1 cse in 88 was there for 3 years. Really good bunch of boys in the whole Wksp.
    I also remember such hallowed places as Felix's bar, Zorba's, The Ice bar, SLs night club with Bills Bar next to it but to name a few. Always look back with fond memories on my time in Detters. Unfortunatley times have changed and the blokes just would not get away with some of the stunts we used to get away with. The worst bar in camp for kicking off was the RMP bar, but it was still good fun watching the female coppers starting on each other.

    Ah the mammaries or should that be memories, no i was right first time.
  10. :D 4 Arm'd Wksp 87 -93, 1st with FRG 11 and then C Coy, Brill posting- Loved Detmold Great bunch of lads too.
  11. Done my JMC there in 91 :D :D :D

    Was posted just over the Hack hill in Lemgo 2 Royal Irish 89 - 91 great couple of years..... :wink: :wink:
  12. 90 - 95....certainly the best years of my career.
  13. 87-90 at 15/19H in Lothian but bezzie mate Spen was at 4 Armd so hung out at Hobart mainly.
    Remember Gusher, Jobbie, Max, Zippy etc
    Spent most of those 3 years in the nick at Lothian, on ROPs or just getting bounced alles uber da platz but loved it.......character building stuff.
    Anyone remember my finest hour down town having the 2 onto 1 with the Polizei in plain clothes, having a gun pulled which changed the result, being handed over to the Monkies, big pagga in the back of the L/R when the Monkey Stripey slapped me and didnt expect a slap back, up in front of the Sqn Leader back at 15/19H who admonished the charge because:
    a) I was drunk and things always go a bit pear shaped when people are hammered and
    b) the Polizei didn't identify themselves before trying to affect an arrest which will always lead to a Hussar defending himself in true Geordie fashion against unidentified German aggressors
    Shit hot.......but I was REME and from Nottingham but hey ho!
    The only knobber who tried to bounce me was the ASM!
    The Hussars gave me an Honourary Geordie Certificate and called me the Broon Bottle!
  14. 4 Armd 79 - 83, Forward Company all the way. That is where I was converted (1981) from squatter to A Mech, spent a month in Bordon on the Chieftain phase of a Tiffy Course. Didn't impress the Instructors when I showed the young Tiffs how we really prepped a pack in the field, none of that crawling underneath to do the "twyflex".

    Had the best of both worlds in Detmold, 2 years in the block - all those trips to Tanz Cafe Regina in Bad Driburg. Then 2 years in quarters, my eldest daughter was born in BMH Rinteln - now there was a session to wet (drown) her head.

    I could wax lyrical about the place for days, mind you I had my down moments there as well, but on the whole it was great.

  15. V&G Platoon followed by FRG 11 - great place - anyone remember the exercise where the 434s became beer and bratty carriers on Staple Trg area and whilst FRG 20 were being all tactical FRG 11 were partying !!