any 2 R IRISH here? got a question or two...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by HarrytheHostage, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. first post, first set of questions...

    am from the republic but wanting to join up with the TA in Portadown and hopefully get to do an Op Tour at some point. Too old (29) for the Regs and too many committments anyway. Just wondering what the story is with the 2 R IRISH training meets? how many weekends a month and any mid week? could do once a month no worries and the two weeks camp easily plus another two weeks wouldn't be a problem I reckon...since i gotta travel about 4 hrs to get there i'd just like to be able to give as much as possible...

  2. nice one mate. thanks.
  3. Instead of me making a new thread, i thought id post in this one. Could again anyone give me some information on the 2 battalion. Im in the proccess of trying to get in contact with the careers office tho no luck so far. But i would like to know about training, pay and if its worth it. I would like to go 1st battalion tho i have a business with my father i have to help with for a year or so to help him get on his feet.