Any 2 para Falkland vets out there?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ABF9, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Bloke I know of in work claim's to have been in 2 para in the Falklands.

    He is high ranking NCO (wont give his name or unit)in the TA but is full of big storys that dont ring true.

    If you PM I can give you more info.
  2. Try putting this on the SAMA (South Atlantic Medal Association) website, you might have more luck:
  3. I am friends with a 2 para Falklands vet - pm me a name and i will phone him and ask if he knows of him
  4. i think he is a walt sounds 100% walt
  5. Good to see you don't jump to conclusions too quickly, how can you be so dead certain with so little information supplied? Glad your not a Crown Judge!!
  6. Sorry to disappoint you but the guy in question is known to be 100% airborne and to quote a respected member of the regiment is 'the epitome of an airborne soldier'.