any 1 going down to lichfield on the 11th for selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by odeanio, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. hiya im going down lichfield for my selection on the 11th just woundering if any 1 else on here is !!!!
  2. Was down there for selection for a few weeks back, need any advice just ask :)
  3. did you pass?
  4. deathly silence hmmm
  5. Lichfield? Selection?? Come on blokes, selection is selection, anything else is screening!
  6. I can see how you might miss-interpret 'selection', however most of the guys asking about 'selection' are reffering to the Army Development and SELECTION Center (formerly known as the RSC) and have no idea that it can also refer to S.A.S selection, (the real deal!)

    Edited for being a mong!
  7. Yes i passed... and it was called the ADSC when i was there (Army development selection centre) or some poo..
  8. Ah, is this what Sutton Colefield used to be all about?
  9. odeanio, are you sure that you have the right dates, ive been told that selection at Lichfield is on Wednesday the 12th, not the 11th??!
  10. Good drills, getting the selection date wrong

  11. Ooooh......Sutton Coldfield........those were the good old days. :wink:
  12. hi. im going up to glencorse to do my adsc course tomorrow and was just wondering if anyone had any last minute tips or advice?

    also i believe i know all i need to know for my interview but if anyone could tell me about their interview and what they needed to know etc it would be very helpfull :D
  13. They will need to know your name and address, so they can tie a tag on you, in case you get lost. also does your mother/sister or for mister doh-nut, father swallow.

    They will also ask a battery of questions, but the elctrode marks fade after a week or so.

    Any other questions???