until you've been exposed to a whole heap of hurt scenario you won't know whether you'll be anxious or a raging bull.

If you piss your pants in your first fire fight just learn from it and make sure you've had a piss before your next shame had in crying after a damed good battle.
Couldn't you just have continued your last thread on the same subject, rather than starting a new one?

As mentioned in the other thread, ask at the ACIO.

I don't know you, or to what degree you suffered from anxiety, but in my opinion it would have to be very mild indeed for you to be accepted.
Csmith said:
That is what i am trying to do but i need to know if i can join to get mentally stronger also physicly

What were you anxious about? Spiders or being botty bummed?

I think the army is not the place for you if you are a bit on the fragile side.

Try the crabs. They'll even pay for a sex change.
A psyche eval, will soon tell you.

If your anxiety attacks were brought on by ..... What clothes to wear .... fear of embarrassing yourself in public and other such trivial 'ollocks, "invented by the Nanny State" chances are you wont stand a Muslim in a jeeps chance.
No the doctor put anxiety but i went off cuz my new boss took all my invoice sales n was makin me skint at the end of week n cud nt be bothered wit it
Csmith said:
All i am askin for is advice ok i dont want any funny crap. I have not got anxiety but i have had will i still be alegable or not
I wouldn't worry about it.
Csmith said:
I have asked them online but they are not allowed to talk about medical conditions!! :x
None of us are experts, infact, we all love to rip the p1ss out of almost everyone living or dead, ARRSE is probably the worst place to ask.

However, my OPPINION, is that, no, you wont be allowed to join with a history such as you have. At least not for a while.

Not allowed to talk about medical conditions? I wonder how you phrased your question.. I talk about anything in any way but i'm polite and have proper conversations. I discussed a medical condition.. :| Never mind it's worth a pop, just don't be anxious when you go :lol:

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