Anxiety related disorder.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dkny, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. abc
  2. Your descriptive was lacking in detail and a bit too "broad brush", It would depend on what your triggers are and how you react.

    A panicky soldier with a loaded rifle does not make good company in the heat of battle.

    But yes, all cases should be dealt with individually, the problem is that the PULHHEEMS guidelines can be a bit ambiguous, it depends on the Doctor, the level of experience and the amount of time that the doctor has to take all the parameters into consideration.

    Good luck however.

  3. If you have anything written on your medical form which may make you unsuitable, the medical board ask you to supply more information about it -i.e. medical notes from when you had the condition; a psychiatrist's report could be part of this.
    Each case is dealt with on its individual merits; if the Dr at your board is unsure, they will consult with their senior.

    Make sure the psychiatrist's report is honest; you may hope (or they may want) to skew it in favour of you getting in, but at the end of the day, the army is a stressful place a lot of the time, and you won't be doing anyone (including yourself) any favours if you get in and then start having anxiety problems again.

    Good luck though!

  4. MED,

    yes, you're right......'broad brush'........As im sure most will in the med prof will recognise, the list of anxiety related disorders is endless. social phobia, OCD, panic disorder, to name but a few. Oh, and lets not forget 'Generalised Anxiety Disorder.' The last of which seems to be the one the med prof appear to label someone with if they dont appear to fit in to any specific cat. but still seem to demonstrate anxiety symptoms.

    For informative purposes, i used to suffer from health anxiety. In general, i was convinced i had something wrong with me, usually organic. So, the 'triggers' were usually to found on those ever so explicit web sites designed to save the doctor some time and diagnose urself. Tut tut tut, stay away from those, the mildest of complaints will always lead to the worst possible case scenario!
  5. WYV,

    i can see why someone may attempt to 'skew' the report in favour of themselves. However, as you have clearly pointed out, the favour would be short lived if the anxiety were to return. This is not an option for me, whilst i feel im med suitable, i hope to obtain the prof opinion of both an independent psych and army med services. Although it would appear that i can only get this opinion at the selection centre not any time before.
  6. AKA medicalstudentitis! :wink: a little bit of knowlege is a dangerous thing - can diagnose yourself with anything; God knows myself and most of my friends have (except one of them really did develop a momma of a heart murmer around cardiac week.....)

    The board will be fair, and will take into account all the evidence put before them. Your reasons for thinking you're medically suitable will also be listened to (e.g. there was a trigger for the first episode; have been in stressful situations since and been ok; no symptoms for x years). I wasn't sure how they'd view me (history of depression) but all was ok in the end. A civillian cannot make the judgement on how suitable you are for the army, as they (in general) don't have the experience.
    I know waiting is awful, but you just have to bide your time!
  7. Wyvern,

    Thank you for ur comments. You mentioned something about ur own medical history, if u dont mind me asking, how long was ur med history clear before you applied to the army?

    You dont have to answer this q, but it would help me to establish a more suitable point at which to apply.

    Under usual circumstances, i wouldn't be that fussed. For example, id apply, worst case senario = defer on med grounds 4 couple of years and then re-apply. The problem is, if i do that in 2 years, i will be JUST over the upper age limit for enlistment. Remember, the upper limit of 33 is age on enlistment, not application. So really u need 2 be no older than 32yrs and 6mths when u apply. 2 years from now i will have just turned 33.

    Anyway, back 2 my point. What i thought of doing was delaying my application for about a year or so, then applying just before the 32y 6mth age point. By doing this, it will in-effect add a year and a half to my medical records that show no return of symptoms etc etc. Like i said, i can defer myself right up to the last point at which i could apply, or i risk applying now, and med services defering me beyond the latest point at which i could apply.

    Does this approach seem logical?

    My appologies if ive bored you with this post, its just an idea that i thought those with a degree of knowledge on the subject may be able to advise me on.

    Thank you in advance for, if any, ur suggestions.