anxiety - real or not?

Anxiety is a very real disorder - I see it often especially with young soldiers who are about to deploy on operations.

The truth of the matter is, the only people who deny that it is a problem within the army are those that have never really been exposed to any real pressure or had to make any decisions.

Those that would so easily berate anyone as a "pansy" are the same ones that are most likely to suffer from it, and continued defense of the disorder as being down to weak willed individuals is made made by those who bear the hallmark of gross ignorance.

I wish you the very best of luck in your application.
The sort of reponse id have expected from a respectable member of the forces. What u say is very true, the examples of such are everywhere.

As for my application, well, it will depend on just how the army medical services view various anxiety based disorders??????

I hope things go well for you now but remember guide lines are set for a reason and cases are dealt with in confidence on case per case.

No-one will know how they will deal with a situation until it happens it could be a 7 foot para with muscles everywhere who reverts to a crying wreck when faced with a disaster or a Harry Potter who can take it all in his stride.

But statistically if some one has suffered from depression or anxiety in the past they could relapse at a time when the shit hits the fan. If there were no minimum standards to joining the Army it would be a nightmare.
There are lads out in forein places at the moment who are experiencing things about them selves and growing up very quickly and yes will be terrified at times. If someone has experienced anxiety in a calmer atmosphere what will be there reactions under conflict.
Aswell being called a pansy by your mates and comrades is majority taken as a hearted joke and no offence is meant....... you have to of been there to under stand it kind of thing.
dkny said:
yep, i agree.....minimum standards must be met in order to join any of the forces. It is true also that someone could be prone to anxiety under pressure....interestingly though most anxiety disorders are triggered by some sort of disturbing event. This could be anything from the death of a loved one, to losing your income thus being unable to provide for your family. The reality in certain cases would assume that unless youve experienced a particularly stressful event you wont have caused the onset of a particular anxiety disorder. in other words, you wont know if your prone to this sort of thing untill as u say 'the sh** does hit the fan'. Of course, in civvie life, those that have been diagnosed with anxiety related issues have usually been taught extensive ways of dealing with it. Question is though, do want the guy next to you to start having a panic attack irrespective of the fact that he will know what to do. probably not. I think its more a case of conditon management. for example, in order to correct failing eyesight u would wear corrective lenses, the corrective lense eq of anxiety is your thinking, that is alter the way you think about the issue. The process is called CBT. Usually, once this has been conducted, a person is free of anxiety and its symtoms. will it come back?? well, thats like saying will a person with no historty of anxiety develop it before, during or after deployment due to a disturbing event? Its a hard question to answer. If there is a process by which a person is deemed medically cured and a criteria by which to determine this, then yes, a military career is possible, however, if there are any grey areas regarding this, the answer has to be no.
answered your own questions there I think mate and hopefully the years have treated you well. Good luck on your application, had a few cases similar to this when I was in recruiting but all cases dealt individually in confidence by SMO/GP and yourself.
thank you, to the two people who responded to my comment in a mature, sensitve, and informative way. Your comments were greatly appreciated.

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